5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy and Happy

by Muobo
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Most people do not realize that the vagina is also a living organ that needs to be taken care of.

Like the living organ that it is, your vagina speaks, shows appreciation, gets sick, and will function optimally when its properly taken care of.

Treat your vagina poorly and it will get sick. On the other hand, treat it with great care and respect (considering the great work it does) and you will have a happy vagina on your hands that will be happy and healthy.

That said,

Here are Five Ways to Care for Your Vagina to Keep it in Top Shape

1.Avoid Washing with Soap

Every vagina has its own signature smell as no two smell the same. However, for some women, it takes time getting used to this unique smell, which might not smell like anything they’re used to.

Due to this, some women might try to keep this smell “under control” by washing regularly with soap, and antiseptic soap at that.

However, this practice does all harm and very little good as it disrupts the natural flora of bacteria in your vagina.

You see, there are both good (called Lactobacillus strains) and bad bacteria in the vagina tract. These good guys help defend the vagina against harmful pathogens, keeping you healthy.

When you wash with soap, you kill both the good and bad bacteria and this leaves you prone (very prone) to all sorts of vagina infections.

Also, you need not worry that not washing with soap will leave that region ‘unclean’ as the vagina is one organ that has the ability to clean itself. Amazing, right?

However, if you feel you absolutely can’t stay without washing, then health practitioners recommend doing so with unscented soap (not antiseptic. Never, ever!) and do so occasionally.

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2.Opt for Breathable Cotton Underwear
Your vagina is happiest when it can breathe and you can achieve this by wearing cotton panties which are by far the most breathable fabric for your vagina.

Other types of underwear like nylon or lace, while being amazingly sexy, will only trap heat in that region, giving room for the bacteria down there to replicate at an exponential rate.

You should also opt for underwear that aren’t too tight so there’s still room for air to circulate around your vagina.

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3.Change Your Underwear Often
While research has shown that you can wear an underwear for two days in a roll if you didn’t have too much vagina discharge the previous day, its usually considered more hygienic and healthier to change daily.

A few health practitioners even recommend changing as much as twice daily.

4.Wipe the Proper Way

There’s a right way to wipe and then there’s the risky way.

After taking a dump and you need to wipe, you should do so from front to back and not the other way.

Doing it the wrong way may see bacteria from your rectum finding their way to your vagina opening and into your system.

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5.Cultivate the Habit of Peeing Right After Sex

A research conducted strongly advises women to pee right after sex. This is because, during sex, certain bacteria find their way to your urinary tract and could lead to an infection if left.

Peeing after sex is a great way to expunge them, leaving you risk-free.

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