Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life

5 Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life

by Kamara
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5 Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life

For most people, happiness is ever elusive. They spend countless hours searching for it and being unable to find it because they search for it in the wrong place.

What a lot of us fail to realize is that while attaining a certain level of social height can make us live a comfortable life and bring some modicum of happiness and comfort our way, it isn’t necessarily a determinant of happiness.

True happiness or joy is not ties to the amount of wealth we have amassed, being able to afford regular vacation to choice locations, or being married to one of the most beautiful and sought-after women. Neither is it found in getting to the very peak in our career (as enviable as that sounds).

Happiness is tied to a whole lot more than these and what we come to realize over time is that it takes a lot less to be happy in life (a whole lot less than we imagined).

The one secret ingredient to being happy always in life, is learning to be satisfied and content always.

While this might not be an easy quality to develop, it is needed and will come in handy in the long run.

Learning to be content in any situation, even if you are long overdue for a promotion or flat broke, saves a lots stress, bringing peace and calm your way.

This is in no way advocating complacency as you can be calm and happy while striving to do and be better. However, if you’re finding it difficult to develop the feeling of contentment, here are:

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Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life
Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life

Five Simple Tricks to be You Happier in Life

Change Your Thought Pattern
Identify what fuels your discontent and nip it in the bud.

Most of us find we are unhappy a lot because we have a negative mindset and thought pattern about life. We feel our lives should be better and get depressed it isn’t.

Changing this thought pattern gives us a good chance at happiness in life.

Celebrate the Good in Your Life
Nigerians are known to be one of the happiest people on earth, and this is because we have come to take things lightly, no matter how tough they look.

We may not have the best economy, technology, or development, but we manage to get by on what we have while striving for excellence.

We, especially people from the northern parts, are known to celebrate even the littlest of achievements and it is not unheard to see a native from these parts throwing a huge party because his child aced his exams.

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Hold No Grudge
It’s amazing most people don’t realize holding a grudge hurts them more than it does the offending party.

It’s much easier to forgive a person than to go through the emotional stress of fueling the perceived wrong to keep it burning.

Forgiving a person doesn’t mean we let them back into our lives, if we don’t feel comfortable enough to do so, especially if there’s a tendency they could still hurt us. It simply means we care about ourselves and health enough to not let something like that affect us so. And in the end, we are happier and healthier for it.

Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life
Simple Tricks to Be Happier in Life

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Don’t Compare Your Life with Others
Most of us compare and do so more often than is necessary. We see our neighbour or colleague at work doing supposedly better than us, and we get believing they have got it better than us.

However, when we come to realize that each of us has a unique blueprint for life, we will understand that no two persons are or should be in any competition.

No One is in Charge of Your Happiness Except You
You should also understand that you and you alone are 100% responsible for your happiness.

No one holds the key to making you happy. You can either see the glass as half-full or half-empty and make the best out of every situation. You alone can decide to be happy always and work towards it.

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