5 Signs Your Relationship Might be Troubled and Its Time to Move On

by Kamara

Relationship breakups are the pits, especially if you’re still very much in love with your partner.

Most of us can relate with this scenario; you meet this amazing guy and the chemistry is instant. Things are swell for a while until they gradually start to go downhill.

You both are in the relationship but deep down you know things are no longer the same. A lot has changed and certainly not for the better.

However, at this point you wonder if you should go all out and try to revive your obviously dying relation or just throw in the trowel and call it quits.

If you’re at this crossroad, confused beyond all doubts, here are some very obvious signs that will convince you that your relationship as you know it is gone and it might be time to move on.

1. He Has Changed
Change is inevitable and we should learn to embrace it. However, it becomes hard when it is a bad change and happens in a relationship.

It’s hard to continue loving and accepting a man who has suddenly become cold and uncaring towards you.

You’ll find yourself wishing you could go back in time and remain in those amazing moment when you both cared deeply for each other and never got tired of showing it.

Sadly, this is an impossibility and you would need to accept the stark reality before you.

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2. He No Longer Calls
Men are not like women and communicate differently in almost all situations.

As a woman, most times when we lose interest in a guy, we come out straight to tell him and hope everyone can move on from then on.

It’s different for men and most find it easier passing the information of their dwindled interest in you a different way and one favourite way of theirs is to slow down on the calls.

The calls don’t stop suddenly. However, you will notice the reduction happening at a gradual pace until it stops completely. Soon you’ll find you’re the only one left in the relationship, doing; doing all the calling and scheduling visits, until you finally open your eyes to and accept the truth.

3. You Fight a Lot
Another sign it might be time to quit your relationship is that you argue and fight a lot; over everything.

This happens because your tolerance level for each other drops to zero. Things that were once cute become annoying, irritating even. And you find you can no longer stand those little idiosyncrasies of each other.

You find it hard agreeing on anything and even very little things that should be overlooked set you off.

At this point, if relationship counseling, therapy, time apart, and any other helpful relationship technique don’t restore you guys, you might want to read the handwriting on the wall and move on.

4 You Don’t Make Future Plans
Another sign that should point to the fact you and your guys are no longer on the same page, is that you no longer make future plans together.

It could be you no longer see a future with each other, hence the failure to plan a life together.

If this is the case, you should save yourselves the trouble and time by moving on.

Remember those early days when spending time together was all you both could thing off? Well, the reverse is now the case and right now you find it a chore spending time together.

You have slowly and over time developed different interest and this has widened the gulf between you both.

5. You Think of Breaking Up Often
Yet another sign that should point at your relationship being over, is that you think of calling it quits all the time.

You both are no longer happy and you know it. There is no intimacy anymore and you both wonder if there isn’t someone out there that will make you happy.

It also doesn’t seem to help that your friends are encouraging you to end it.
It could be they have seen the end of the relationship already; seen that it is no longer working, something you might not be able to see clearly from your side of the relationship.

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