5 Signs He is Desperate to Settle Down

by Kamara
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5 Signs He is Desperate to Settle Down

Most of us are used to seeing women become desperate to get married, and the reason for this is not far-fetched. A woman might become desperate to begin this new phase of her life if she is interested in starting a family and feels her biological clock is ticking, or if she looks around to discovers everyone around her seems to be getting hooked.

What is not so common is the sight of a man desperate to get married. Men are most times commitment-phobic, so when we see one that is on the other side of the spectrum, it can be a strange picture.

Desperate to settle down
Desperate to get married

Why Do Men Become Desperate to Settle Down

There are a few reasons where a man gets to this point in his life and the very common ones include:

  • His buddies are all getting hitched around him. Most men never remember to tie the nuptial knot until they look around and realize they are the only single guy left in their click.

His determination to cross over to the other side will become heightened if his friends tease him to no end about his continued single status or make him believe he’s remained single to avoid the challenges of marriage.

  • A man might also decide it’s time to take that bold step and commit if he realizes he’s not getting younger.

However, unlike women who will get to this point much earlier (in their late twenties and early thirties), a man might not start to feel pressured until well into his thirties and early forties.

  • A man might also suddenly become desperate if he feels threatened. If at any point, he feels he’s about to lose the woman he loves to another man, then he becomes desperate to make her his permanently.
  • There is also a group of men who decide to get married purely for ulterior motives. If their love interest has one or two qualities or items he desires, then he will become desperate to wife her to keep these for himself.

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6 Signs He is Desperate to Get Married

Whatever the reasons for a man becoming desperate to settle down (save the last one), the fact remains that if you are also looking to settle down, then meeting such a man would be to both your interests.

Here are six qualities to look out for that will show he is desperate to get married:

1) He Comes on A Little Strong

The man desperate to settle down is on a clock, one he must stick to. If he feels you possess the qualities he wants in a mate, he wastes no time coming to you to let his intentions known.

He might come with flowers, candlelight dinners, and a serenade, all to sweep you off your feet and this might work, that is, unless he comes on way too strong and scares you into taking a flight.

2) He Takes Things to the Next Level Pretty Quickly

He also brings the M-word a little early on in the relationship. It’s not uncommon for this man to talk about moving in together or even make the union a lot more permanent a few weeks into the relationship.

While this will definitely frighten any woman, getting hitched just after a few weeks or months doesn’t always spell doom as some couples met their better half this way and are still going strong.

3) He Wants You to Meet His Folks

This man wants you to meet his parents, his friends, and every other person that matters in his life.

It might be early on in the relationship still, but he’s already concluded you are the real deal and can’t wait to take things to the next level.

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4) He Forgives Serious Offences Easily

The man desperate to settle down will also be in the habit of forgiving previous offenses a little easier.

In another scenario, these offenses might even be deal-breakers, but because he’s on the clock, he overlooks them or forgives them altogether.

5) He Buys You Tons of Gifts

He will also shower you with lots of gifts. He’ll find out gifts that appeal to you and strive to get these for you.

Beyond this, he might also get gifts for your girlfriends or anyone he feels can influence your decision in his favour.

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6) He Goes In and Out of Relationships

This man is also desperate to settle down but works slightly less differently.

He knows what he wants and doesn’t deviate from the qualities he seeks in a mate.

Instead of trying to win and keep your affection in the relationship, he goes in clearly on the lookout for mutual compatibility.

Yes, he’s on a clock, but he’s also set in his preferences.

He gives the relationship a few weeks at best and if, after this time, he concludes you aren’t exactly what he’s looking for, he steps out of the relationship without apology and quickly moves on to the next.

This kind of man comes across as being cold and unfeeling, but in actual fact, he’s just slightly self-absorbed and perhaps a little too focused on his goal. He knows what he wants and doesn’t deviate from it, even a little.

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