5 Secrets to a Happy Relationship Every Woman Should Know

by Muobo
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Sadly, things don’t always go this way and most couples find themselves heading towards a divorce a few years to a decade into the marriage.

This happens because life happened to them and they were either ill-equipped or not prepared to handle the challenges.

Like most things in life, there are secrets or rules that a successful marriage must abide by. Some people need just a few to see their union growing stronger, while others would have to adopt a few more to get that same effect.

However, whatever the case, every marriage will become a lot stronger when you apply even one of these marriage secret to it.

Here are Five Secrets of Successful Marriages You Can Begin to Apply


You both should see yourselves as a team in the marriage and work towards solving every issue that comes up.

A husband and wife who see themselves as a team in a marriage will have a single goal in mind and each will put in their bit to achieve this.

On the other hand, couples who see themselves as individuals find it harder achieving much and are also bound to attack each other when there’s a disagreement.

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Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is the foundation of any relationship. When it’s lacking, the relationship will struggle under a load or resentment and possibly crash.

Respect is different for different people. What a spouse does that the other sees as disrespectful and a deal breaker, might likely not be taken as such by another.

It is important you find out what your partner finds disrespectful and try to avoid these to have a smooth, healthy relationship.

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Almost every relationship will come crumbling overtime when there is no forgivesnes.

As individuals, we will always hurt the other, most times unintentionally and it is this spirit of forgiveness that will keep that relationship going.

Every marriage needs a healthy dose of forgiveness to thrive. Make up your mind to forgive your partner even before they err. And while this may not always be an easy thing to do, your relationship will be better and happier for it.


Communication is the oil that keeps the wheels of any relationship going. Having good communication.

For a relationship to thrive, we need to work on communication in these two ways:

  • Always say what’s on your mind, in a calm and non-accusatory way. Most people, especially women, keep things bottled inside, and when this goes on for long, it can lead to resentment. Understand that men can’t read minds as always say what’s on your mind.
  • Cultivate the habit if listening, not just talking and when you listen, listen to understand and not to get points to reply.

Watch Your Words

Most couples lash out at each other when angry, hurling angry, hurtful words with the intent to hurt.

Later, when they are much calmer they are filled with regrets, wishing they could unsay some of the words.

Words are like eggs that can never be recouped once broken so you should be careful with them. Cultivate the habit of bridling your tongue, watching your words no matter how angry you are.

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