5 Quick Ways to Cure Constipation

by Muobo
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Not many things are as uncomfortable as having constipation, especially when it is severe and comes with more serious symptoms like bloating, swollen or painful belly, or vomiting.

Sadly, constipation is a very common problem and everyone will go through it at some point or the other, some more than others.

Constipation most times doesn’t just arise, but is caused by a few factors, including the following:

– Not taking enough water.
– Taking dairy when you’re lactose intolerant.
– Not including enough fiber in your diet.
– Certain medications like antidepressants or iron drugs.
– Stress, among others

Five Quick Remedies for Constipation
If you’re feeling constipated and can’t get to a laxative or you would rather take more natural remedies, here are a few quick ones you can try.

1. Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, lime, grapefruits, tangerine, and lemon are a good source of relief when you are feeling constipated.

These fruits have very high fiber content that helps stool along in your colon.

Take as much as you can when experiencing constipation and the relief comes in an hour or less.

2. Slightly Hot or Warm Water
Warm water is an instant stool softener. If you need to go really bad, take a glass of this and the effect is instant.

Warm water works just like a glass of cool water would for constipation. It, however, has the added benefit of working a little faster to bring you relief. You can add a teaspoon of honey to he glass of water, as this has also been known to speed up relief when constipated.

You can also apply a hot water bottle to your abdomen as this heats up your liver, an act known to improve digestion.

3. Food High in Fiber
Foods high in fiber are also great when you are constipated as they allow your stool retain more water, making it easier to pass.

Some food high in fiber include beans, fruits (avocado, pear, prunes, strawberry, apples, and raspberries)and vegetables, grains, nuts, and yogurt.

4. Drink Lots of Water
This is just about the best remedy when you are constipated. 75% of your bowel movement is made up of estrt which makes water is important as without it, you get dehydrated, your stool becomes hard and difficult to pass.

Take about 8-10 glasses of water daily as this will be absorbed by your colon to ease the stool passing through that region.

5. Avoid Dairy Products
Dairy products are a no-no when you are constipated.

These foods cause a binding that makes your constipation worse.

Other foods to avoid include unripe bananas (on the other hand, ripe ones are great and will actually help relieve your constipation), caffeine, red wine, fresh apricots, chocolate, alcohol, red meat, white bread, gluten, chips, and persimmons.

Other Helpful Tips for Constipation
Some other ways you can relieve constipation include:

– Exercising, especially long walks of forty-five minutes and above.
– Self-massage, an act that massages your peristaltic muscles, the muscles in charge of getting stool out of your system.
– Stool softener and laxatives
– A teaspoon of olive and one of lemon juice taken on an empty stomach
– Fresh lemon juice in warm water
– Herbs like flaxseed, senna, fenugreek, burdock, dandelion, cascara, and aloe vera.

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