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5 Quick Beauty Tips for When You Need a Mirror But Don’t Have One Around You

by Muobo
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5 Quick Beauty Tips for When You Need a Mirror But Don’t Have One Around You

Beauty tips and hacks are a quick way to get more done in less time.

I’m not exactly a make-up freak, but I like to look good like the next girl, at least most of the time.

So, the other day, in a bid not to be late for work, I left my home in a hurry. A few hours later, I needed to take a quick photograph with some other colleagues at the office, and needed to touch-up on my makeup to be sure I looked good, only to discover I left my mirror at home.

I knew I could easily borrow a mirror from any of my female colleagues, but they all were doing he exact same thing I had in mind, I had to turn to the next best option on my mind, which was adopting one or more of the beauty tips or hacks I have learnt over time.

I’m a great lover for tips, tricks, or life hacks as they have come in handy for me on one too many occasions and in this case, that’s exactly what I did.

Here are five beauty tips / beauty hacks you can turn to if you find you ever need a mirror but don’t have one on you:

Beauty tips
Beauty tips

Beauty Tip #1: Make Use of Your Phone’s Front Screen

Your phone’s screen makes for a good mirror when set to idle mode. Although not as clear as an actual mirror, this screen will help you see what you need to with ease.

If you are under natural lighting, then you can make use of this emergency mirror to apply your make-up as it gets clearer and brighter under such lights.

Beauty Tip #2: Make Use of Your Phone’s Selfie Camera

This is my personal favourite. To me, using a phone selfie camera is way better than the mirror itself as it will let you see every inch of your face and then some.

Unless my battery has run out out, this is usually the method I go for and it works for me every single time.

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Beauty Tip #3: Make Use of a CD Surface

If you have a CD lying around, then you can use this as your makeshift mirror.

The CD surface is usually very clear and works just as good as the selfie camera.

Beauty tips
Beauty tips

Beauty Tip #4: Have a Trusted Colleague Stand in as Your Mirror

This only works if you have a colleague who isn’t just truthful, but can also be a bit blunt.

I have such a colleague who’s always quick with the compliments and doesn’t spare you the (constructive) criticisms either, even when you don’t ask for her opinion.

Such people are usually great to have around and should serve as your mirror while you re-apply your lipstick and help you clean off any smear or excess that might arise.

Beauty Tip #5: Car Windscreen

This is usually my last resort, but this option has come in handle for me a few times when I needed a quick beauty fix.

A car windscreen makes for a good mirror and you can be used with very accurate results.

So, there you have it; five beauty tips that will serve you anytime you are in quick need of a mirror.

Do try any of them and let us know your experience with them. Also, if you have any other beauty tips or any other makeshift mirror ideas, do share with us in the comment section.

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