5 Pregnancy Tests You Can Do from the Comfort of Your Home

by Muobo
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The last time I was pregnant, it took a while before I was able to get pregnancy test kit from the pharmacy. For one, I was anxious about the result. Even though I was already having a few pregnancy symptoms, I knew there was a possibility it could turn out negative and I feared this happening.

Now I know I didn’t have to wait that long to have my suspicions confirmed or otherwise as I could very easily have carried out a home pregnancy test using items that are readily available in my kitchen.

These home pregnancy tests conducted at home will give you a fairly accurate result, and in record time too.

However, you should know that like any regular pregnancy test, home pregnancy tests aren’t 100% accurate all the time and could also give a false positive or a false negative.

Here are Some Likely Reasons Why a Home Pregnancy Test will Present an Accurate Result.

1. You’re likely to get a negative result if you test too early. To get the best result, you should test three to four days before your next period at the earliest.

2. You’ll also get an inaccurate read if you test at the wrong time of the day. The best possible time to carry out the test should be first thing in the morning, when the hCG hormone (a hormone present in pregnant women) is at its highest.

3. You will also likely get a false reading if you fail to follow the instructions of the pregnancy test accurately.

That said, here are five pregnancy tests you can do from the comfort of your home.

1. The Toothpaste Homemade Pregnancy Test
This pregnancy test is pretty simple and you should get a result in 20 minutes or less.

Here’s how you go about it:

1. Get a small container and wash if it isn’t completely clean.

2. Put a bit of toothpaste into this and also add a little of your urine.

3. Leave for 20 minutes.

4. At the end of this time, the toothpaste should change colour, becoming blue and the urine will froth to indicate a positive result. If nothing happens, then you likely aren’t pregnant.

Urine in a Jar Homemade Pregnancy Test
For this test, you’ll be needing a clean jar or a small cup.

1. Get the jar cleaned and dry and pour that early morning urine into it, then set aside for 24 hours.

2. After this time, you should see a thin white layer pooled at the top to indicate a positive. No reaction shows you’re not pregnant.

The Sugar Homemade Pregnancy Test
If you have some sugar in your kitchen, then you can perform this pregnancy test in ten minutes.

Here’s how you go about it:
1. Get a jar and place 3-4 teaspoons of sugar in it.

2. Pee into a separate jar or cup and pour this into the jar containing the sugar.

3. For a negative result, the sugar starts to dissolve after a while. On the other hand, it will start to form lumps and clumps if you’re pregnant.

The Bleach Homemade Pregnancy Test
For this time, you will again need two jars.

1. Pour a little amount of bleach into one, about one eight of a cup or lesser. You really don’t need much of this agent.

2. You will however, need a little more urine and you should try to get about half a cup.

3. Pour the urine into the jar of bleach and wait.

4. If negative, there will be no or very little reaction. If pregnant, the mixture will start to bubble and fizzle.

White Vinegar Homemade Pregnancy Test
Yet another simple homemade test can be done using white vinegar from your pantry.

1. Again, get two jars containing the vinegar and urine respectively.

2. Pour the urine into the jar of vinegar and wait.

3. A negative result will present no result. If pregnant, the vinegar will change colour.

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