5 Most Realistic Ways to Make Money as a Female Writer

by Muobo
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Hey guys, making money online is a favorite subject for me and I’m always on the lookout for genuine ways to do so.

I have joined a writing few sites and gotten a whole lot of experiences; I been scammed on some, earned peanuts on a few, and lived royally on fat royalties on others.

There are a lot of fun and genuine ways you can make money as a female writer and I want to share five ways of these ways with you.

5 Ways to Earn Money as a Female Writer

1.Write for Blogging Sites

Blogging sites are a good way to earn active or passive income and some you can sign up with include steemit.com ,channels.cc ,and virily.com.

With sites like these, you can set up your own blog, choose a niche and get writing on things that interest you.

Although these sites have a few variation in how they work, the results are ultimately the same, which is that you get to earn when people view your posts.

Here are the ways you can earn on these sites

Sites Method of Earning
Steemit (Upvotes & Curation)
Virily (Views on your cards and viewing people’s)

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2.Write Ebooks

You can also make money sharing your knowledge on a particular knowledge through e-books. You can write these books yourself (or get someone to write them for you), edit them and post them on sites like Amazon KDP, Lulu, and Draft2digital for sale.

The beautiful thing about about this medium of making money is that it is a passive income. You write the book once, publish on one or more e-book platforms and keep on earning .

3.Guest Post for Cash

There are tons of sites that accept posts from newbies or seasoned writers. You are given a niche, or you select one yourself, write the post and submit for review. If it gets accepted and published, you get paid the agreed-upon fee.

You might also be lucky enough to find a website that allows you include a link to your website, thereby giving you free traffic to content you might have published elsewhere.

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4.Get Involved in School Workshops

A lot of schools seek out experienced writers to give talks to their pupils and although the fee you earn from these talks isn’t fixed and could vary from one school to the other, it is a good way to earn money by the side doing something you know and love.

5.Mentor New Writers

New and inexperienced writers are always on the lookout out for ways to further develop their writing skills and this is where you come in. Being an expert, these newbies would appreciate the time taken to tutor them to ‘seasonedhood’.

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Most writing mentorship are free, but a few are paid and getting a paid one would be yet another way to make money as a writer.

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