5 Home Safety Measures in the Event of a Gas Leakage

by Muobo
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Of recent, there have been too many accidents from gas leakage in the local news. The accidents were not expected, and so caused some major damage when they occurred.

Recently in the news, a man got home from an event and perceived the smell of gas as soon as he let himself into his home. In a bid to investigate further, he turned on the light and that singular act caused an explosion that killed him on the spot and put his wife who was a few meters behind in very critical condition. Thankfully, their baby came out unharmed.

This and many more are situation being seen in the news. Quite a number of people are unaware of the safety measures to take in the event of a gas leakage and so unintentionally cause a fire.

No one ever suspects they would ever find themselves in a gas leakage or fire situation and most therefore do not see the need to learn safety measures against these occurrences.

However, if you would like to prevent such, here are some safety measures you can employ in such a situation.

Safety Measures in Gas Leakage Situation

Here are some safety measures you should observe in the event of a gas leakage:

1. If you perceive the gas from outside, wet your house key before introducing it into the lock as the metal on metal contact could cause a spark that could ignite and cause an explosion.

2. DO NOT turn on any appliance, including your light switch, as the heat from the light could, and most times, causes an explosion. Instead, open the windows and every other openings for the gas to dissipate.

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3. Leave your phone outside your house. DO NOT receive phone calls with it as this could also ignite an explosion.

4. If you find the smell too strong to breathe, then you should get out of that environment as fast as you can and call the fire department. Such strong gas smell has been known to lead to asphyxiation and death one too many times.

5. If you use a gas cylinder bottle, then you should also turn off the gas outlet and take this bottle outside before calling for help.

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