4 Best Jobs for Busy Moms

by Muobo
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Having kids changes your life. Forever. A lot of things that used to be important to you cease to be so and you start to view a whole new set of things this way.

Your life also changes in other ways and one of such ways is that you have less time for yourself. It also becomes increasingly difficult combining career and motherhood, especially for career-minded women. Try as you might, one seem to suffer and this is the time when some women start considering leaving paid employment for
the more flexible world of business.

If you find yourself in such a situation, here are four best paying jobs for busy moms you should consider.

1. Writer
This is just about the easiest home paying job you can start. You can quit your job today and start making some cash from your new career as a writer the next day.

Writing is also pretty easy as you don’t need any special skills to get started. All you’d need are a website(s) to get steady writing jobs, and the ability to develop ideas into interesting article pieces.

Also, the more you write, the better you get at writing,

To kick-start your career though, you might want to consider fixing a moderate price for your services and increase it as you get more clients and build a trusting relationship.

Some websites to get writing gigs include:

– Guru.com
– Freelancer.com
– Fiverr.com

You could also sign up with micropayment sites and earn money for publishing pre-written blog posts on topics that interest you.

Some good ones are

– BitLanders.com
– Steemit.com
– Virily.com
– Whaleshares.io

You should however know that while writing on any of these sites will bring you some money, you stand to make a lot of money (enough to live on), when you write consistently and build a followership.

2. Dressmaker
This is the route I took when I considered leaving paid employ to tend more to my family. Since I love dresses, what better career than one where I get to wear pretty dresses and also make money making for people.

You’d be making a great choice if you chose this business since clothing is a need for everyone. It means you’ll never be short of business.

However, unlike with writing, you would need to get trained to become quite good enough to be patronized, a period that takes between 6 -12 months.

You shouldn’t despair though, as you can start your training while still in paid employ and only pull out when you are certain your new career can conveniently and comfortably replace the one you’re leaving.

3. Web Designer
More and more women are becoming more internet savvy and going into a field once reserved for men.

Web design and development is one skill that’s easy to learn. You can start by getting web design and/or development videos from YouTube or Lynda or choose to go under the tutelage of already established web designers or developers.

Whichever you do decide to go for, be rest assured that with constant practice you will become seasoned and this is when you can start to make the big bucks.

4.Graphics Design

Graphics design is also a good career choice for busy moms. Like web design, it also would require you get trained, but with determination and constant practice, you’ll soon become seasoned.

Please note that the above can also serve as part time jobs for busy moms if you happen to already hold down a job and want to hang on to it.

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