3 Simple Ways to Make Money Online as a Woman

by Muobo
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There are quite a number of websites you can make money online from. However, since you are likely looking to make money on these sites, there are two things you should know beforehand:

1. The first is that while you can genuinely make money online, a lot of websites do not offer a lot even for several hours spent doing tasks on them.

2. The second and most important fact to know is that it is always best to pick a website based on referral.

What this means is that even with websites that pay a fairly descent amount for work done, there are still quite a few that operate a selective scam programme, so you would need to really be aware to avoid these.

That been said, here are some genuine websites I have personally worked on and earned a pretty decent income.

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Amazon KDP is a publishing platform where authors can self-publish their ebooks and earn up to 70% in royalty from each book sale.

You have the option of making your book(s) available worldwide or selecting particular countries of your choice.

At the end of each month, you get paid your accumulated royalty for the month into your Payoneer account or through a cheque if your accumulated earnings is up to a $100.

Amazon KDP has a pretty easy interface and you can upload your book in less than an hour and have it available worldwide in 72 hours or less.

You can also broaden your chances to make more money by making your book available in paperback so readers who want the hard copy can get one.

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2. Freelancer
Freelancer is yet another beautiful platform to make money on. It’s pretty easy and recommended for women as you get to work at your time, which is great if you are a busy mom.

You sign up for an account listing the skills you have to offer and how much you are willing to charge per hour.

Next, you search out jobs and place a bid to match your prospective employer’s. A bid is the amount you’re willing to be paid for the job listed.

If the employer likes your bid and agrees with it, he awards the job to you and creates a milestone (fixes the agreed fee in a kind of account to be released to you upon completion of the job).

Freelancer.com is a pretty decent place to work on as with it, you can determine your working hours and how much you want to earn daily, weekly, or monthly.

Payment is made through several ways, but the easiest for us as Nigerians is through a Payoneer account which you cash out using your payoneer ATM card.

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3. Steemit
Last on the list is steemit. Steemit is yet another easy platform to make money from.

You sign up for an account which however, takes up to two weeks to be approved.

Once the account gets approved, you can start posting immediately.

Earning on steemit happens when people upvote (like) your post. Unlike facebook where your posts are liked with no monetary reward, each like on steemit comes with a particular amount of sbd or steem (currencies used on the platform).

Your earned sbds or steemstem can be exchanged for naira on Nigerian telegrams groups for steemians.

Currently, sbd is currently worth N310 while steem is N260. Exchange transaction on the telegram group is done quickly and the money paid into your account within minutes.

There you have it; three genuine ways to make money online as a woman and the beauty of these methods is that you can start anytime and start making money almost immediately.

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