3 Highly Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight in 7 Days

by Muobo
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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you three effective ways I lose weight fast with absolutely none of the side effects that come with such quick weight loss regimes.

To lose weight and stay that way, you have to employ a weight loss technique that’s not just easy, it also has to be maintainable. These techniques also have to become a lifestyle habit that you incorporate into your daily life.

Doing otherwise will only make nonsense of your previous effort to lose weight as we see from the weight coming back.

A few months ago, I became large — well, not so much large, but bigger than I was comfortable with. I became a large size 14. I had gone lax on my regular exercise lifestyle and consequently, gained the weight I previously lost.

I decided to shed the weight once more and so began my daily walks. I took long walks of 45 – 50 minutes, five days a week.

At first, these walks were a bit tiring as I’d stopped them for a while and my muscles had gone lax, but I kept at it as I knew the goal I had in front of me.

This isn’t exactly my favourite way to lose weight, but I have tried it with such positive results.

The wat it works, you reduce your food portion by just a little quantity. This food quantity shouldn’t be too much as to leave you hungry still, bit it should be enough for your body to notice the difference.

The idea with this weight loss method is to take less calories than your body needs. Since your body only needs 2,000 calories daily as a woman and 2,500 for men, taking in less than this will push it to turn to its reserve, that extra fat stored away and that way you lose weight.

This goes without saying. If you are serious about your plan to lose weight, junk or fatty food must be struck off your menu as much as possible.

Junk food actually serve very little purpose to the system; they don’t keep you full for long and are just empty calories, which means you are taking in all of the calories your body needs (and then some), without the vital nutrients and vitamins it needs to function optimally.

A lot of people believe fad diets and extreme exercise plan are the only bad ways to lose weight. However, these are just few in the few ways recommended by fitness experts not to lose weight.

Here are a few other weight loss techniques you should avoid as well:

While reducing your daily calories is a great way to lose weight, going too low on these calories can actually backfire.

While the maximum your body needs as a woman is 2,000, the minimum it requires to remain in top function is 1,200. Going below this can mess up your health by making you likely to develop low blood pressure, electrolytes imbalance, and an irregular period.

I once tried this approach in my eagerness to lose weight several months ago. The result? I missed it so much after a while that I caved in to the increasingly overpowering craving to get my favorite ice cream and shawarma and binged on these.

This weight loss method works only when you reduce your junk food intake and not eliminate it completely.

Protein should become your best friend in your journey to lose weight.

Protein will make you feel fuller faster, which translates to you taking in less calories.

It also reduces tour appetite which again, means you take in less calories as well as increases your metabolism.

So, there you have it: three effective ways to lose wight and three not-so-effective methods to avoid on your weight loss journey.

A lot of people choose to stick to just one weight loss regime at a time while others combine. Whichever method you do decide to adopt, be rest assured it will work; you will lose weight and with absolutely no side effects.

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