21 Ways to Prepare and Eat Yam

by Muobo
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Most of us hate monotonous cooking, but finding a variety of delicacies to prepare can be tricky. So, here are 21 ways you can prepare yam to add that variety and spice to your cooking.

Twenty-One Yam Recipes to Try Out
1.Boiled Yam with Stew
2. Fried Yam with Stew
3. Roasted Yam with Egg Sauce
4. Boiled Yam and Vegetable Sauce
5. Yam Porridge
6. Yamarita
7. Fried Yam and Egg Sauce
8. Yam and Unripe/Ripe Plantain Porridge
9. Yam and Beans Porridge
10. Fried Yam and Akara
11. Fried Yam and Fried Potato
13. Boiled Yam and Garden Egg Sauce
14. Yam Balls
15. Baked Yam and Cheese
16. Pounded Yam
17. Yam Porridge with Bitterleaf
18. Ukodo (made with fish, chicken, or goat meat)
19. Yam and Owho Soup
20. Plantain pie (with yam and egg filling)
21. Roasted yam with palm oil or stew

There you have it; 21 easy ways to prepare your yam dishes and add variety to your dishes.

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