20 Totally Helpful Kitchen Hacks Every Woman Should Know

by Muobo
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If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you’d have come to realize that it can be a fun as well as tiring place to be in.

We get a lot done in the kitchen, from cooking, cleaning, to storing, and tying up and this can take a huge chunk out of our already busy schedule.

If you know a few kitchen hacks, it can simplify your life tremendously, taking a lot of stress off you.

Since hacks, including kitchen hacks are a sort of shortcut to getting things done faster, you’d be spending lesser time and expending a whole lot less energy to keep your kitchen and home running smoothing.

That said, here are some amazing kitchen hacks every woman should know:

1. To prevent or reduce splattering when frying your bacon, add a little water to the oil.

2. Want to make an egg recipe that doesn’t require the yolk. Remove the yolk easily using a water bottle.

To achieve this, break the egg into a bowl, get your water bottle and hold just directly above the egg yolk.

Next, compress bottle at the center by pressing it and gently release the hold. This action causes a suction motion that cleanly sucks the egg yolk from the plate.

3. If boiling water and you don’t want it to spill over, place a wooden spoon across the pot.

4. The easiest way to peel your garlic is to use two bowls, preferably aluminum bowls.

To achieve this, get your garlic bulb and separate into cloves. Place cloves in one bowl and cover with the other then give a vigorous shake for 15-20 seconds and the skin should come easily off.

Alternatively, submerge your garlic cloves in cold water for 5 minutes and the skin becomes soft and loosened to come right off.

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5. Want to have crystal-clear ice cubes? Boil your water before freezing as against just freezing cool water.

6. If you find using a knife to peel your ginger is taking a lot of your time, substitute the knife for a spoon and the whole process becomes much easier and faster.

7. To prevent your sliced potato from turning brown due to oxidization as you cook, mix a little lemon juice or vinegar into the water and keep them completely submerged until they are ready to go on the fire.

8. To find out if your egg is still fresh, fill a bowl with water and gently drop it in. A fresh egg will sink to the bottom while one that isn’t too fresh or already bad will float.

9. To find out if honey is original put a drop into a bowl of water. If it sinks to without dissolving, then you have an original bottle on your hands.

10. To make your bananas stay fresher for longer, wrap the ends with a plastic bag.

Alternatively, you can get them to ripen faster by placing in a paper bag.

Bananas and apples release a gas, ethylene that ripens them and when placed in a paper bag, this gas becomes concentrated, ripening the banana faster.

11. Open a clogged sink by pouring baking soda into it, leave for 20 minutes and then pour boiling water down the drain.

12. Fruits cut in half will turn brown when left for a while. Prevent this by smearing a little honey diluted in water (one part honey to two parts water) over the exposed part.

13. To peel your potatoes easily and faster, boil them and then submerge in really cold water. The skin will fall right off.

14. To make your eggs easy to peel after boiling, add some baking soda or vinegar to the water as you boil.

15. If onion makes you cry when you cut, freeze it for an hour before you are ready to cut or run it under a tap just before you use.

16. If you butter is solid from the freezer and you can’t wait an hour for it to thaw, grate it to get it to that soft, usable state you want.

Alternatively, heat a glass cup by pouring slightly hot water into it or microwaving for a few seconds and place this over the butter.

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17. On the other hand, if you want to get over soft butter to a somewhat solid state, pour iced water over it.

18. Get oil and grease easily off your baking pans and other cooking wares by sprinkling some baking soda on the grease as you wash.

19. Reduce the excess gas (raffinose that causes flatulence) from beans by soaking in water for eight hours before cooking.

You could also add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water as you soak to further reduce this gas.

20. If your garbage bin is stinking up the house, squeeze some drops of fresh lemon into it.

This will neutralize the odour and also give you a fresh, lemony fragrance

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