best position to get pregnant

20 Best Positions to Get Pregnant Every Woman Should Know

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20 Best Positions to Get Pregnant Every Woman Should Know

Knowing the best positions to get pregnant is one knowledge every woman should know as this can greatly boost your chances when trying to get pregnant.

According to research, about 1 in 5 couples will experience problems trying to get pregnant. Any woman who has ever passed this road knows this entire process can be an emotional and psychological roller-coaster, one that takes it toll when things don’t pan out.

While falling pregnant happens easily for some women, for a few others a lot of things have to be consciously put in place before things can align and some of these involve getting the timing right (ovulation), being in great health and knowing the best position to get pregnant.

Ovulation and Getting Pregnant Explained

Ovulation is that time of the month when a woman’s body is very fertile and her chances of conceiving are very high. It occurs at particular time of each month when certain hormones prompt your ovaries to release eggs for fertilization. This egg gets released and travels down to your fallopian tube where it could get fertilized if sex takes place around this time.

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Ovulation differs from woman to woman and for women with a 28-day monthly cycle, ovulation is likely to occur on the 14th day of your cycle.

If sex takes place during this time, the sperm released travels through the cervix all the way to the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg, a process that might take up to three days. After fertilization, the egg, now called a zygote, travels to implant itself in the uterus.

However, no matter how fertile a woman is, every woman has a 25% chance of getting pregnant each month. This figure is so low since a woman ovulates for just a few days of each month and these days, along with the few days leading up to her ovulation, are her baby days.

To boost your chances of conceiving a woman has to go the extra mile to give the sperms a fighting chance to fertilize the egg released and one of the ways you can achieve this is getting the sex position right.

There are sex positions that have been proven to work with you in your quest to make babies while a few others are counter-productive. These are some of the best positions to get pregnant every woman should know:

positions to get pregnant
best positions to get pregnant

20 Best Positions to Get Pregnant

1.Classic Missionary Style

Missionary style has been in existence for as long as mankind’s existence and is one of the best positions to get pregnant. While this position may not be seen as adventurous by a few, it is effective as it puts the man in a position where he can release the sperms closer to your cervix, giving those little guys a better chance to swim on.

You’d also be lying on your back, working with gravity, which is needed so those sperm don’t swim back out.

2.Doggy Style

This is another best position to get pregnant. This sex position is a double win for most as it’s not just exciting, but also makes for deeper thrusts, putting the sperms closer to the cervix.

3.Spooning Style

For this sex position, you lie on your side while your man lies close behind facing you. This position is believed to be one that increases warmth and also allows your man align perfectly with your cervix, giving the sperms an express chance to swim on.

4.Legs on His Shoulders

This is yet another best position to get pregnant. It mimics the missionary position, but with the added twist of your legs on your man’s shoulders and like its predecessor, this position also places the sperms close to the cervix, which is all you need to make babies.

5.Leg Wrap

Baby-making doesn’t have to be conventional and boring. You can heighten yours and your man’s pleasure with this sex position, even as you both try to make those mini you’s.

For this position, you lie flat on your back and after your man penetrates, gently wrap your legs around his for a more memorable baby-making experience.

6.Scissors Style

This best position to get pregnant is fun and comes with heightened sensation. Like the leg wrap, it also mimics the missionary sex position with a little twist. For this position, you lie on your back while your man kneels between your legs. He raises your legs in a V-position and as he thrusts, he closes or opens your legs to vary the sensation.

7.Reverse Cow Girl

Most fertility experts preach against this sex position if you are trying to get pregnant, but if you’ve ever been told you have a tipped or retroverted uterus, then this is just the best position to get pregnant. This position aligns the sperm to your cervix, increasing your chances to conceive.


If you are bored with your sex life, then you can use this position to spice things up some. This position requires the use of a table and possible a pillow to get things going. You lie on your back on the table with a pillow underneath to raise your hips while your man positions between your legs and goes about his business.

9.Woman on Top

This is one of the best positions to get pregnant and also have a memorable sexual experience since it requires you to be on top and be in charge. However, you’d have to be a little more sensitive with during it and go horizontal just before your man ejaculates.

10.Magic Mountain

This position is a slight variation of the doggy style with a twist where your man lies on you, his chest on your back. This position allows for a deeper penetration, putting the sperms closer to the cervix.

11.Side by Side

This best position to get pregnant doesn’t just boost your chances of getting pregnant, it also increases the warmth and intimacy between you both.

positions to get pregnant
positions to get pregnant

12.Edge of the Bed

This is another edgy sex position that’s exciting and boosts your chances when trying to get pregnant. For this position, you lie on the bed with your hips positioned at the edge of the bed while your man lies in front of you. Place your feet on his chest to give you some stamina so you don’t fall off the bed.

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13.CAT or Coital Alignment Technique

This is one of the best positions to get pregnant as it gives your man the ample room to align his manhood with your cevix. This position also allows for maximal clitoral stimulation, giving you more pleasure and a greater chance to orgasm.

With the coital alignment technique, you lie on your back with your man on top of you and his body positioned further up and a little to one side

14.Legs in the Air

This missionary style position with a twist sees you lying on your back with your man on top. Your legs are raised in the air in a V-fashion, giving your man ample room to do his thing.

15.Bent Knees

This sex position is one of the best for maximal pleasure and deep penetration. It’s similar to the Legs in the air position, although this time your knees are bent towards you instead of raised in the air. This position allows for deeper thrusts, taking the sperms closer to the cervix.

16.The Anvil

This is yet another best position to get pregnant as it also allows for very deep penetrations. With the anvil, you lie on your back with your legs raised above your head, while your man positioned is positioned on top. This sex position allows the man hit the G-spot, allowing for a more pleasurable experience.

17.The Splitting Bamboo

This is another position that hits the G-spot. The splitting bamboo is one sex position that is as old as time, coming from the Kamasutra. Here, you lie on your back with one leg raised over your man’s shoulders, while your man positioned in front of you, uses your other leg for support during the whole act. This position doesn’t just allow for a more sensational experience, but is one where the thrusts are deep, which will take the sperms closer to home.

18.The Peg

In the peg, your man lies on his back with you on top. While this position might seem like it’s working against you and gravity, it actually is a great position if your partner is a little on the heavy side. Also, since you can quickly go horizontal just before your man gets to the finished point, it’s a win for all.

19.The Sphinx

This position entails you lie on your belly with your forearms supporting you while one of your legs is bent to the side and the other kept straight. Your partner straddles you, allowing for deeper thrusts.

20.The Union of the Oysters

This position sees you laying on your back with your knees bent. Your partner knees in front of you allowing for deeper thrusts.

positions to get pregnant
20 best positions to get pregnant

How Often Should You Have Sex to Conceive

There is no ideal frequency of sex to conceive as becoming pregnant is hinged on a few factors including your age, overall health, genetics and timing.

While trying to ensure you get pregnant each month will put a lot of pressure on you and your partner, you will have a higher likelihood of success when you don’t focus solely on getting but concentrate on being with your partner and enjoying the moments.

A woman is fertile only one week of each month when you ovulate and your best chances of getting pregnant is two to three days just before your ovulation.

Other Tips To Increase The Chances Of Getting Pregnant

Besides knowing the best positions to get pregnant other tips that can increase your chances of conceiving include:

1.Avoid all Kinds of Stress

Stress- any type of it- messes with your hormones and this in turn messes up your ovulation, making it harder to track or predict. Stress could also be so severe, it stops your body altogether from releasing an egg that month.

2.Alcohol and Smoking

Research has found that smoking reduces your chances of conceiving by almost 50%. While smoking reduces the quality of sperm in men and also makes him have a lower sperm count, for women, smoking increases the risks of having a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or a stillbirth.

3.Have Sex at the Right Time

As earlier said, getting the timing right – at that exact period when you are fertile- is the bulk of the work done in your journey yo get pregnant. Get the timing right and you have a high likelihood of becoming present, all other things being present.

4.Ensure You are Both in Good Health

Both of you have to be in great health to boost your chances when trying to get pregnant.

5.The Type of Food Eaten

There are foods that have been known to boost your chances of getting pregnant. Foods that are rich in antioxidants like vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts and low in trans fat have been known to boost egg quality. Also avoid foods high in refined carbs, as these have been known to increase insulin levels, which in turn can affect fertility.

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6.Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

Research has shown that some chemicals found in some items we use daily like carpet, clothing and some food packaging can negatively affect fertility in women. Women who showed a higher level of these chemicals in their blood samples took a way longer time to conceive as compared to women with very little to no chemical deposits.

7.Maintain the Ideal Weight

Maintaining the ideal weight (not too high nor too low) puts you in a better position to conceive as it gives you a regular ovulation and menstrual cycle, which is necessary for conception to take place.

8.Use the Right Lubricant When Needed

There are lubricants believed to be sperm-unfriendly as these contain ingredients or have a PH that either slow down sperm motility or kill them out rightly. Lubes make sex more comfortable, however, you want to go for lubes that are specifically manufactured for TTCing couples to guard against any unpleasantness.

9.Stay Active

Staying active by exercising an average of 45-60 minutes a day, five times a week has also been known to boost the chances for women trying to conceive.

10.Make Use of Supplements that Have Been Known to Boost Conception

Supplements have been proven to boost your chances of conception as it prepares your body, making it more receptive to conception.

Good supplement choices you can take include folic acids, iron, omga-3 acids, zinc, selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C.


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