Cute pet names to call your boyfriend

170 Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

by Kamara
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170 Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

If you’re in a romantic relationship, chances are you have a cute pet name you call your boyfriend.

There are quite a number of reasons why people turn to using pet names in relationships, with the desire to be romantic being at the top of this list.

If you’re yet to get one of these names or you’re looking to change your current one, this post right here contains several such cute pet names for your boyfriend.

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How to Come Up with Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

If you’re not down with very common pet names, you could choose to come up with a few of your own.

An excellent way to find great pet name examples is to give him a nickname based on his physical characteristics, his inner qualities, his resemblance to a famous person, or you can just tweak his name slightly until you get something cute.

Cute pet names for your boyfriend
Cute pet names to call your boyfriend

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Here are 170 Cute and Funny Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

30 Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend That are Common But No Less Romantic

These pet names are well in use, however, they are no less romantic and could for fit your boyfriend perfectly.

1) Angel
2) Angel Eyes
3) Babe
4) Baby
5) Baby Boy
6) Baby Cakes
7) Bunny
8) Buttercup
9) Cookie
10) Cup Cakes
11) Dear
12) Dearest
13) Dear Heart
14) Dearie
15) Dream Guy
16) Peaches
17) Pearl
18) Sweetie
19) Sweetheart
20) Sweet Pie
21) Sweet Chocolate
22) Better Half
23) Lion King
24) Gorgeous
25) Chippendale
26) Prince Charming
27) Dreamboat
28) Main Man
29) Tickles
30) Heartbeat

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30 Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend That are Purely Romantic

If you or your boyfriend is the romantic type, then you want to pick a pet name that perfectly expresses his personality.

1) Buttercup
2) Cuddles
3) Dreamy Eyes
4) Heartthrob
5) Honey
6) Honey Bear
7) Honey Bun
8) Honey Bunny
9) Jewel
10) Love
11) Romeo
12) Main Man
13) Muffin
14) My Angel
15) My Beloved
16) My Boo
17) My Heart
18) My King
19) Pumpkin
20) Sugar
21) Sugar Boy
22) Sugar Bun
23) Sugar Pie
24) Sunshine
25) Sweet
26) Sweet Love
27) Sweets
28) Sweet Potato
29) The One
30) Waffles

30 Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend Based on Physical Qualities

These pet names are not just cute, but are so apt as they rightly fit your boyfriend’s physical qualities.

1) Adonis
2) Alpha
3) Baby Face
4) Bear
5) Big Guy
6) Captain
7) Captain America
8) Chubbs
9) Chubby
10) Cool Guy
11) Cowboy
12) Cutie
13) Cute Bunny
14) Dimples
15) Doll Face
16) Good Looking
17) Handsome
18) Heartbreaker
19) Hercules
20) Hero
21) Hot Chocolate
22) Hulk
23) Iron Man
24) Mr. Cool
25) Mr. Perfect
26) Papa Bear
27) Prince Charming
28) Teddy Bear
29) Tiger
30) Lion

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30 Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend Based on Innate Qualities

These list of pet names perfectly describe your boyfriend’s qualities; those ones that seem to make your heart beat over and over again.

1) Braveheart
2) Boss
3) Captain
4) Captain America
5) Captain Underpants
6) Care Bear
7) Champ
8) Chief
9) Cool Breeze
10) Hero
11) Hercules
12) Hunk
13) Iron Man
14) King
15) Macho
16) Macho Man
17) Movie Star
18) Mr. Perfect
19) Muscles
20) Muscle Man
21) Nice Guy
22) Rebel
23) Robin Hood
24) Smoochy
25) Snuggle Man
26) Superman
27) Tarzan
28) Tough Guy
29) Mr. Wonderful
30) Mr. Universe

Cute pet names for your boyfriend
Cute pet names to call your boyfriend

30 Sexy and Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

What better pet names to give the love of your life, than one that perfectly captures that sexy part of him!

1) Bad Boy
2) Big Boy
3) Big Daddy
4) Big Papa
5) Big One
6) Big Stuff
7) Boss
8) Boss Man
9) Casanova
10) Lover Boy
11) Lover Lover
12) Hot Caramel
13) Hot Cakes
14) Hot Chocolate
15) Hot Pants
16) Hottie
17) Hot Shot
18) Hot Stuff
19) King
20) King Kong
21) Muscleman
22) Sexiness
23) Sexy
24) Sexy Bear
25) Sexy Eyes
26) Stallion
27) Stud
28) Superb
29) Supreme
30) Tiger

Other Cute Pet Names for Your Boyfriend

1) Baby Blue
2) Blue Eyes
3) Brown Eyes
4) Chuckles
5) Ebony
6) Funny Guy
7) Funny Man
8) Green Eyes
9) Giggle Guy
10) Jock
11) Ombre
12) Jade
13) Pint Size
14) Tiny
15) Sugar Daddy
16) Sugar Bear
17) Sugar Plum
18) Sexy Thing
19) My Beloved
20) My Beloved

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