17 Fun and Amazing Facts About Babies that Will Shock You

by Muobo
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Babies are amazing and being around one or having a little one of your own can fill you with such protective love, you’ll marvel. With their cuteness comes some fun and amazing facts about babies that will wow you.

Here are 27 fun and interesting of such facts about babies that will thrill you:

  1. A baby is unable to taste salt until four months of age.
  2. Babies have 300 bones, however some get fused together to become 206 in adulthood.
  3. A newborn baby pees every 20 minutes.
  4. Every three seconds, a baby gets born somewhere in the world.
  5. 353,000 babies get born daily.
  6. Babies have no kneecap when they are born and only begin to develop one at 6 months of age.
  7. Babies have about 30,000 taste buds, three times the number in adults.
  8. 80% of babies get born with a kind of birthmark, though some lose theirs as they grow.
  9. Babies can breathe and swallow at the same time.
  10. Female babies spend a day longer in the womb (putting on make-up, I guess).
  11. Babies born in May weigh more than babies born in any other month of the year.
  12. Newborn can’t produce tears until they are about three weeks old. So even when they wail, no tears comes out.
  13. Babies have 10,000 taste bids, which is three times more than what you have as an adult.
  14. Babies smile on average about 300 times daily, which is way more than an adult does (60-70 times).
  15. For the first three months, newborns are shortsighted and can only see things eight to nine inches away.
  16. Your newborn would prefer turning his head to the right rather than left.
  17. Your baby has no kneecaps and only begins to form one from three years of age. What she has in place in cartilage gat solidifies to become bones as she grows.

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