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17 Beauty Hacks that will Simplify Your Life as a Woman

by Muobo
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17 Beauty Hacks that will Simplify Your Life as a Woman

I love using tips and tricks or hacks like most people call them and beauty hacks are a personal favourite of mine.

There are times I’ve run into glitches, confused on the next step to take or having too little time to do what needed to be done and at these times, beauty hacks have come in handy.

Now, any chance I get, I share these beauty hacks with family, friends, or anyone I feel with benefit from them.

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Some Benefits of Beauty Hacks

While some people might frown at beauty hacks (or all hacks for that matter), these hacks have so many benefits and have come in useful one too many time

Here are a few of such benefits you get when you adopt beauty hacks:

  1. Beauty hacks are a convenient way to get things done.
  2. They help out in emergencies.
  3. Beauty hacks save you time which you can put into doing other things.
  4. Beauty hacks will save you from embarrassment.
  5. They will save you money.
Beauty hacks

17 Beauty Hacks You will Enjoy Using

1.Beauty Hacks to Make Your Lipstick Last all Day

When buying a lipstick, I’m sure one of the things on your mind, besides choosing a color that’s attractive, is picking one that will last all day.

Sadly, even though this is what we want, some brands under deliver on their promise.

Luckily, there’s a way around this as you can still get your lipstick to last all day using these beauty hacks:

  • The first and the most important step in getting a lipstick that lasts longer is having healthy lips. Lipsticks might find it a bit difficult staying so long on dry, chaff lips.

To prevent this, work on getting soft lips by applying a thin film of lip balm each night just before you go to bed.

This will ensure your lips stay moisturized, which will in turn make them softer and more healthy.

Next, exfoliate one a week to remove dead skin cells. Once your lips are sufficiently healthy, you can be sure your lipsticks have a better chance of lasting longer. However, you can help things along by applying a primer just before you apply.

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For a primer, an oil-base one is usually a good choice. Other alternatives you can use are foundation or concealer. Another trick you could use is to apply your lipstick, blot using tissue paper and then reapplying.

Lastly, you could also buy your lipsticks on recommendations of people who have used particular brands and know which are better.

2.Beauty Hacks to Make Your Perfume Last all Day

Have you ever had a situation where a colleague passed you much later in the day and you caught a whiff of their perfume? I’m guessing this made you wonder what brand of perfume they used that made it last all day.

I got to find out a little while ago that making your perfume last all day is not just a factor of the lipstick brand you use, but could also be achieved using a few beauty hacks. Good thing is, these hacks are simple techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle habits.

Here are a few of them:

  • Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly to any point you plan applying the perfume on.

This jelly contains a compound that binds the fragrance to your skin, making it last longer.

  • Apply the perfume to the six pulse points (wrist, inside your elbows, your neck or behind your ears, behind your knees, on your calves, and your ankles).
  • Apply to your body immediately after a shower and let it air dry.
  • Apply a little to your hairbrush and let your hair also get treated to the wonderful fragrance.
  • Avoid perfume types with low low fragrance concentration like eau de toilet and instead opt for eau de parfum or perfume itself.
Beauty hacks

3.Beauty Hacks to Remove Makeup

Sleeping with your makeup on is a beauty no-no with a few negative outcomes including leaving you prone to premature wrinkles, acne and pimple breakouts, dull-looking complexion, and infection.

If you run out of makeup remover, here are a few makeup removal beauty hacks you can turn to:

  • Make use of coconut oil. Dip a cotton ball into the cocounut oil and in a circular motion , clean off the makeup.

Other oils you can use use in place of coconut oil include almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, , castor oil, and avocado oil.

  • Other alternatives you could use in place of these oils are aloe vera gel or honey.

4.Get Rid of an Oily Scalp

This beauty hack is quite easy to practice. You can get rid of an oily hair or scalp by applying 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda to your scalp.

Next, brush your hair from the root to the tip, making sure the baking soda comes off. As it does so, you’ll find your scalp will less oily.

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5.Makeshift Eye-shadow

A lot of beauty hacks are pleasant. However, you will run into one or two that may not be too much so. However, the results are usually well worth the time.

One of such is making a substitute eye-shadow if you happen to be out of some. Here are a few you makeup beauty hacks you can try:

  • Using Activated Charcoal
    While this is an effective beauty hack, it only produces one look, which is the smoky look.

To achieve this get a teaspoon of activated charcoal and apply few drops of water. Next, apply an eye primer to prolong the lasting effect and then go right ahead to so apply your substitute eye-shadow.

  • Using Lipsticks
    Alternatively, you could make use of your lipstick. This is usually a much preferred method as it gives you a wider range of colours to use.

6.Get Your Cracked Compact Powder Back Together

Some brands of compact powder will crack, becoming loose as they get finished.

While this is not exactly a problem as you can still make use of the powder in this state, they tend to get wasted easily.

To prevent this, you can adopt a few beauty hacks to get the loose powder back together and one of such is making use of rubbing alcohol.

To achieve this, pour a one half teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into the powder, then using your thump, press the powder back gently into the compact case.

Leave for a few hours and your compact powder is ready to be used.

Beauty hacks

7.Prevent Armpit Sweat Stains Using Panty Liners

If you find you tend to sweat a lot and are unable to get an antiperspirant, then a panty liner can come in handy.

This is one beauty hack that has served me on a few occasions. To use, remove the paper strip from the liner then stick the panty liner to your dress at the armpit region.

Just as the panty liner absorbs moisture when used for its original purpose, this will also absorb your sweat, keeping you dry all day long.

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8.Make Use of Lemon Juice to Remove Armpit Sweat Stains on a Shirt

This is yet another one of the beauty hacks I have used with such astonishingly good results.

To achieve your desired result, dampen cloth by soaking in a bucket of water. Next, apply the lemon juice to the armpit stain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes so the stain gets softened.

9.Use Conditioner as a Makeshift Conditioner

If you run out of shaking cream, then a conditioner can serve as a good shaking cream substitute. To use, apply a generous amount of it over the region to be shaved, leave for five minutes and then shave.

Other beauty hacks alternatives you can use besides conditioner aloe vera, Shea butter, or honey.

10.Take Care of Chaffing Leg

If your thighs chaff often when you walk, you should use baby powder to prevent this.

This chaffing is caused by the friction of your thighs rubbing against each other and the baby powder will serve as a barrier between both.

11.Makeshift Nail Remover

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If you run out of nail remover, you can make yours by combining lemon juice and vinegar.

While this new nail polish remover will remove your polish as you intended, it might take a while to do so. To hasten things up, soak your nails in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes, next, drop a little of this substitute nail polish removed on your nails and leave for 20 seconds, before going at them with a cotton ball soaked in the solution.

12.Beauty Hacks to Remove Dark Circles from Under Your Eyes

Use any of these beauty hacks to eliminate dark circles from under your eyes:

  • Place a spoon in the freezer for 10-15 mixtures and then place this over your eyes.
  • Dip two slices of cucumber into a glass of lemon juice and then refrigerate for 2 minutes. Next, place these over your eyes and leave for 10 minutes or more.
  • Make use of used tea bags which you refrigerate for 10 minutes.

13.Makeshift Eyeliner

Run out of eyeliner? Did you know you could also use your mascara as an eyeliner.

Just apply as you would your eyeliner and let dry.

14.Makeshift Pad

Okay, this is another beauty hack that isn’t too pleasant, but it does work and will save you the embarrassment of getting stained if you can’t get a pad or tampon.

To make, roll some toilet paper into a folds large enough to hold your flow and then wrap this up using a clean handkerchief.

If you find this substitute pad uncomfortable, you could console yourself with the fact its only temporary and soon you’ll have a real pad to give you some real comfort.

15.Makeshift Mirror

Forgot your mirror at home? Not to worry as you can easily get a makeshift mirror using your phone.

Your phone selfie camera makes for a great mirror which you can use to touch up on your makeup whenever you want.

16.Beauty Hacks to Neutralize Armpit Odor

If you’ve sweated and you find your armpit gives off a not-too-pleasant odor, then you can mask his odour using rubbing alcohol.

Just apply a little on a cotton ball and rub over your armpits.

Other beauty hacks for neutralizing armpit odour include making use of aloe vera gel or coconut oil.

17.Get Flawless Skin

Green tea is antibacterial, antioxidant, antiinflammatory and also helps fight cancer.

You can also get a flawless skin using green tea. There are a few green tea beauty hacks to achieve this great skin:

  • Boil 3-5 green tea bags and pour into a bathtub. Fill this halfway with water and then have a bath soak for 20-30 minutes.

There you have it; 17 beauty hacks that will simplify your life in more ways than one. You can start with one or two and then add more as you perfect the first and before you know it, these beauty hacks will become a part of your everyday life.

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