dating tips for women

16 Interesting Dating Tips for Women

by Kamara
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16 Interesting Dating Tips for Women

The dating world is evolving. If you took a break and have only just returned, you’ll notice that a lot of things aren’t as they used to be. Some of these changes are appealing while a few others, not so much.

However, the fact these not-so-pleasant changes exist doesn’t mean they have to be accepted. Like most things in life, we can change the situation around us or at the very least, learn ways or tricks, if you may, so we always make the best of all situations.

dating tips for women
dating tips for women

That said, here are:

16 Dating Tips That Will Help You Navigate The Dating World a Lot Smoothly

1) Love Doesn’t Always Come Dressed in a Shiny Armour

Contrary to what romantic flicks portray, true love doesn’t always come as a drop-dead gorgeous guy that will make your heart stop a few seconds with a smile.

If love has been elusive of late, it could be you’ve been searching in the wrong places. That guy with the awkward movements and quirky smile just might hold the keys to the true love you seek.

2) There Are a Number of Frogs Out There

And no, they don’t turn into princes with a kiss. These are frogs that will hop away once they’ve been kissed or worse, kiss and tell. So you always want to find out every intention before fully opening your heart.

3) There Are Still Some Great Guys Out There

Then there are the guys with the capacity to love and be true the way you dreamed; to give as much as they are getting and you can find them if you look hard enough.

dating tips for women
Practical dating tips for women

4) True Love Happens When You Aren’t Really Looking

This might be a contradiction of the above tip, but sometimes, love happens when we aren’t really expecting it.

Just when you conclude there is no such thing as true love and it’s all just a gimmick by Hollywood to make some money, it hits you smack in the stomach, leaving you breathless and flat on your behind.

5) Three is Not Always a Crowd

Three can mean safety if meeting a date for the first time. Meeting a guy for the first time might sometimes make you nervous, but knowing your girlfriend is close by might just be all the reassurance you need.

6) Everyone Sends Their PR Forward on First Dates

We’re all guilty of this and no, it’s not pretence. It’s wanting to make a good first impression. So before you conclude that guy is The One, give it a few dates or weeks to find out a lot more about him.

7) A Heartbreak is Not the end of the World

A heartbreak is painful, but life exists after it and there are still a lot of beautiful experiences and lovely memories waiting to be create


Don’t close your eyes too long after one relationship breaks or you could miss a great guy as he passes in front of you.

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8) If He Ghosts You Again and Again Then You Deserve Better

If a guy ghosts you once, then he just might have a plausible reason for this and you want to hear him out.

However, if this repeats, then he likely isn’t as into you as he says and you deserve someone who cares about you and is committed to you.

dating tips for women
Practical dating tips for women

9) We Teach Others How They Should Treat Us

If you treat yourself with love and respect, then people around you will too. Never condone an act you won’t be able to tolerate in the long run.

Speak up as soon as it happens so you both iron things out and can move onto other things.

10) If He Treats Others Badly, He Might Do The Same to You Later on

A guy who treats people around him poorly, especially those in lowly positions would likely do the same to you.

Chances are he’s being all nice and sweet because the relationship is still new.

11) A Man Who Loves You Creates Time for You

If a man is too busy for you, then you aren’t at the top of his priority list.

If you mean something to him, then he will create time for you.

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12) Go With the Flow

A relationship is best when you moderate your expectations from it.

Expecting a relationship to lead to marriage, could be setting yourself up for disappointment.

You should enjoy the moments and let fate take its course.

dating tips for women
Practical dating tips for women

13) Look Out for Possible Red Flags

Not all relationships will have red flags. Sometimes, we will meet that one person we share a lot in common with; someone who seems to complete us, and when this happens, we should enjoy the relationships as best we can.

However, if any red flag seems to pop up as the relationship progresses and this is something that is a dealbreaker for you, then you should take a step back to re-evaluate the relationship.

14) Look Within Your Cycle

Love can find us anywhere, even within our immediate circle and most times, that friend who knows you inside out; who knows every little habit and idiosyncrasies of yours, just might be the perfect love for you.

15) Take Yourself Out

There’s more to life than falling in love and having that great relationship. These are terrific experiences, but so is celebrating yourself.

Sometimes, you should consider taking yourself out to your favoure restaurant or going to see a new movie. Give yourself a treat because life is short and you deserve all the happiness you can get from it.

16) You Create Your Rules As You Go

There is no relationship rule book someplace that should be followed. Every relationship will have its unique set of rules and trying to apply the rules of the former on the new just might be setting the new up to fail.

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