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15 Clear Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body (and What You Can Do About It)

by Kamara
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15 Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body (and What You Can Do About It)

Meeting a guy for the first time can be exciting; sparks fly and you both hit it off pretty quickly. However, as the relationship progresses, and you are past the initial romantic high, you might find yourself wondering if this guy truly loves you as he says or if he’s In it for the physical.

“He loves me, he loves me not”. The dating world is a jungle; you never know the other person’s real intentions and can only be sure about yourself. Luckily, while you can’t see their hearts, you can see their actions and these speak much louder than any words they could ever say. 

If a guy loves you, it shows, the same way it would be obvious if he’s in it just for some fun. The following signs will always tell which side of the spectrum a guy falls into. 

Here are 

Signs he only wants you for your body
Signs he only wants you for your body

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15 Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body

1) He Only Calls You at Certain Times

When a man loves you, he wants to spend quality time with you, or at the very least, calls you often to check how you are faring for the day.

Men find it hard to hide love, especially from the one they love. 

A man who only calls after 10 pm, or only on a particular day during the week, most likely only sees you as a booty call and nothing more.

If he calls only on Tuesdays or some other day of the week, chances are you are his Tuesday girl and that the other days are filled by his main girl or even other activities he places above you.

2) The Conversation is Mostly Sexual

His calls and the conversation always head in one direction. He doesn’t bother to hide the fact he’s in it for the sexual thrill. 

Some guys might try to cloak their true intentions with a mixture of small talk, but in the end, their intentions are always glaring for anyone to see and interpret.

3) He Doesn’t Care About You Beyond the Physical

When a man loves you, the relationship goes way beyond sex. He seeks to protect you and even show you off.

However, if the relationship is a purely physical one, then you can expect his inner-hero will never be activated.

He also never initiates the moves to take the relationship to the next level and will put up a wall or bolts when you try to do so.

4) He’s Very Physical, Very Quickly

Sex is all he wants and he’s not beating around the bush. This guy tries to initiate sex as soon as you both are alone, might get pissed if things don’t go his way, and he will try his luck again as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

You’ll find that his hands are all over the place, more focused on what he can feel, than the words you have to say.

Signs he only wants you for your body

5) His Compliments Are Mostly Physical

A man who wants you for your body won’t fall to compliment you anytime you look sexy. 

Since this is what’s on his mind most of the time, a sexy picture you post on social media speaks to him greatly and he won’t fail to point it out.

This is not saying a man who truly likes you won’t compliment a sexy look. However, compliments from this guy are balanced and well-rounded.

6) He Asks for Nudes

He tells you he misses you and wants to see how you look.

It might start out innocent; he asks for a picture with a sexy pose and then ups this to an image with your dress slid halfway off your shoulder, showing a generous amount of skin.

Since these pictures aren’t so revealing in themselves, you might oblige, considering the fact you guys are an item.

Soon though, he will voice his dissatisfaction about these pictures not being enough to ” keep him going” and ask that you send one topless.

7) He Leaves Immediately

Research has shown that sexual intimacy for a woman is much deeper when the couple takes the time to cuddle afterward, even for five minutes.

However, a guy who wanted just sex would be irritated by such or at the very least, see it as too much work.

He might make up some excuse to leave immediately or fall asleep fast right there beside you.

8) He Doesn’t See a Future with You

You guys have been together a while, but he has never mentioned a future with you in it and that’s because he doesn’t see you in his.

If you are lucky he will be quite obvious about it, making statements like:

  • When I get married…
  • My wife is going to be…

And this is usually enough sign you need to make a run for it.

9) He Gets Angry When You Turn Him Down

The guy who wants you for your body will get irritated, and angry even when you turn him down.

He knows your refusal to become sexually intimate is a sign you both are on different levels concerning the relationship (while he wants to hit it and run, you are thinking candlelight dinners and romantic getaways hence taking it slow).

He might try to blackmail you into giving in by stating you don’t love him to be holding out. Heck, there have also been guys who claimed sex would strengthen the relationship bond, or worse, used the science research line.

10) His friends and Family Are Off-Limit

You don’t know any of his friends and family. He doesn’t want you bonding with any of them since he sees you as a temporary part of his life.

He will try to keep you away from them, and even if you do meet them you’ll be unable to build any deep relationship with them because they likely aren’t interested.

11) Your Guts Tell You Something is Off

This is one of the most telltale signs he only wants you for your body. If your guts tell you something is off, then something is off.

Sadly, this is one sign we ignore the most or try to justify to give us peace.

Like smoke, love can’t be hidden, the same way stark sexual interest can’t.

Signs he only wants you for your body

12) He’s in a Relationship

A man might tell you he’s seeing someone else, and that’s fine, so long as you both are honest with each other and define what you both want from the relationship.

What isn’t, is knowing a man has a monogamous relationship and still going ahead to be with him.

Women who do this do so with the view that they are going to be so much better than the girlfriend, impress the sock off him, and get him to leave the other relationship.

However, in most of these cases, you end up remaining just a side chick or worse, a booty call.

You don’t want to be that girl. 

13) He Comes Up with Some Story 

This man has a story for why the relationship isn’t progressing. Any question you ask will always be might be some answer.

  • Why you are yet to meet his friends and family.
  • Why do you only meet at certain times?
  • Why you can’t be seen together in public.
  • Why you feel lonely, even though you are together.

And surprisingly, these excuses always appear genuine and believable.

14) He Doesn’t Want to Meet Your Friends

Beyond keeping you away from people close to him, he also avoids meeting yours. He knows doing so is building roots, ones that would make it a lot more difficult to ghost you when he wants to.

Signs he only wants you for your body
Signs he only wants you for your body

15) He Straights Up Tells You What He Wants

Some men are daring and this won’t beat around the bush: he straight up tells you what he wants from your union and how much he is willing to invest emotionally in the relationship.

He may come across as a tad bit arrogant from all this bluntness, but at least he was honest about it and gave the choice to agree to his “offer” or take a walk.

What to Do When You Find Out He Only Wants Something Physical

Seeing the signs he only wants you for your body can be devastating. So, what do you do if you find yourself in such a situation?

It’s easy to become broken, especially if you are very much emotionally invested in the relationship. Here are some steps experts put forward that can help you overcome the pain you must be experiencing.

1) Understand You Just Experienced a Heartbreak

Instead of slowly falling into depression over this issue, a better, although painful alternative, would be to understand the situation for what it is: the fact you are experiencing a heartbreak.

You likely will try to deny the status quo, looking even for even the slightest evidence you are wrong.

This feeling is one of the stages of a heartbreak, and the sooner you get through it and to the next, the quicker it will be for you to heal from it all.

2) Slowly Disassociate Yourself From Him

Some women will end things with him right there, however, not all of us are that strong emotionally. If you’re finding it difficult to initiate that bold move, a different alternative is to slowly distance your heart from him.

This can happen over a few weeks until you feel emotionally over him enough to make that move.

Signs he only wants you for your body

3) Talk to Someone

Talk with a friend about this issue. Your friend’s judgment and views will not be clouded by emotions and they can set things straight for you.

Also, not only will talk get things a lot more in perspective if you still have any doubts at this time, they are also likely to help you heal faster.

4) End Things

In the end, you want to end things with this man. You deserve better; a man who sees you as more than a fun object and treats you with the respect you deserve.

5) Give It Time

The pain of knowing you were a plaything can run a little deep. Your self-confidence would even take a beating.

However, this will only be for a while. As the days go by, you will find yourself slowly getting back to yourself, until you look back and can’t even remember what he looks like!

You however want to make a conscious and deliberate effort to rebuild your self-esteem, as it might take a while if you just let it be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell if a guy only wants sex?

The signs are always obvious when a guy only wants sex. In most of these cases, he’ll be desperate to get what he wants and will push for it quickly.

Don’t be surprised if he gets too pushy or takes a walk when you refuse to play ball.

Is It Wrong to Love Someone Who Only Wants Your Body?

Unless you also want the same thing, then this goes beyond wrong; it is unhealthy.

Everyone deserves someone who can see beyond the physical to the person within.

Why Does He Only Want Me Sexually?

It’s not your fault that he wants you sexually; you really should blame yourself for someone else’s attraction to you.

Studies have shown that men are very physical beings and almost every man will get very sexually attracted to a woman at some point and what he wants from her is solely on him.

When this happens he will show signs he wants you badly sexually and this is fine. It’s left to you to decide if this is all you want from the relationship or If you deserve more.

Signs He Sees You as an Object

The signs he only wants you for your body or something else are always obvious for all to see, even when he tries to hide them.

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