15 Effective Ways to Get Free Website Traffic

by Muobo
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Getting traffic, especially free traffic, is one thing every webmaster wants. There is no point having a website if nobody knows about it or comes to your site to see what you have to offer. The process of getting this traffic can be daunting for most webmasters. It requires hardwork that is done continuously.

There are several ways you can drive traffic to your website and these are:

1. Good Quality Content
Every website needs good content in order to attract and keep visitors. Content is king on the internet and if you place some quality content on your website, search engines are bound to search you out and drive traffic to your site and this visitors could end up returning for more when they find a whole lot of important stuff on your site.

2. Optimize Your Site With Keywords
When a person types in a particular search into the search engine, google brings out a lot of pages of different websites that fits what the searcher needs.

One important quality that determines your website appearing in any search results is keywords. Take for example a person types the words “How to drive traffic to your website”, if your website articles contains the keywords contained in the search, then it’s bound to appear in the search.

Another important thing to be noted is that an article has to contain between 3-5% of the keywords being searched for before it becomes relevant in search engines. Anything lesser and this and the search engines won’t recognize your page.

3. Make use of Keywords in Images
Still on keywords, every image of an article on your site should be named with the main keywords of that page. This is because, when people search for images online, the image gets pulled out of your website in the search thereby driving traffic to your site.

4. Include Your Keywords in Your Page Title

5. Take Advantage of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are a huge way of getting traffic. That’s because they already have huge traffic looking for stories or articles. Social bookmarking sites like dig, delicious, reddit are useful in traffic building.

6. Join Large Forums in Your Niche
Identifying the right forum can do wonders for your site. Look for a forum in your niche and sign up. Most forums allow you to place your link in your signature. And every time you join in the conversation by posting, a link to your website appears.

7. Comment on Blogs
Blog commenting doesn’t just bring traffic to your website, it also helps in your backlink building. Look for blogs that are dofollow (these are blog where links can be indexed by search engines) and start commenting. Be careful not to spam the blog, though as most comments are usually approved by the webmaster before they appear.

8. Sign Up on Facebook and Twitter
Facebook and twitter are interactive sites and have millions of daily users. They are a huge way to bring traffic to your site. Get a twitter account and start tweeting and as your followers grow, so dos your traffic.

Facebook works best when you build a page or create a group for your website. You could also promote your website through paid advertising.

9. Write for Article Directories
Most article directories allow for your website link to be placed in any article submitted. These sites have millions of users who could become your potential site visitors when they see your link on articles you wrote.

10. Exchange Links With Other Sites
Look for sites in your niche and do a link exchange with them. This is a good way of getting traffic to your website, especially if these sites already have a huge traffic themselves.

11. Post a Video of Your Site Online
Make a video of your website and post it online to great sites like YouTube and vimeo. Detail what your site is about and the benefits people stand to gain in the video.

12. Try Paid Advertising
You can advertise your site in newspapers or magazines targeting your specific audience. For instance, if you have a website featuring jobs, it’s best to target newspapers or magazines that cater to that specific group of people.

You can also advertise using google adwords. This is a very effective means of getting traffic as the reach is wide and target specified.

13. Use Yahoo Answers
A lot of webmasters are not aware or probably just don’t make use of this great way of getting traffic. Sign up for Yahoo Answers and ask and answer questions, making sure you include a link to your website whenever possible.

14. Submit Your Link to Link Directories.
Most of these sites will accept a link from your site for free while others will require that you link back to them. Whichever it is, do not miss out on yet another great traffic generator techniques.

15. Get a Great Domain Name
When picking out a domain name, make sure it contains your keyword. Doing so will cut down on the amount of SEO you need to do to get traffic to your site.

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