11 Signs He is Lying About Being Married

by Kamara
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11 Signs He is Lying About Being Married

The dating world used to be a lot easier to navigate. Before now, you could tell clearly which men were married and which weren’t, so, if you were a woman with a moral code not to date a married man, you knew to avoid the first.

Now, the line of distinction between both has become so blurred, you would fall if you didn’t take the time to study each.

A lot of married men cheat for various reasons, and some of these men are so good, you would hardly catch them at their game. Gone are the days when you could tell a man was married by his refusal to let you visit his crib. Now, smart cheats are running two homes in two far-off locations and you could go several months, even a few years without being the wiser.

However, there are always signs to let you know all is not well. These signs never fail and most times, you would find not just one, but a handful of these.

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Here are

Signs he is lying about being married

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11 Signs He is Lying About Being Married

1) He’s Only Available on Weekends

A man who’s cheating will find he has to share his life in two. In most cases, he spends the bulk of his time with his family and is only available on weekends.

Even for men running two homes, you’ll find he comes up with a convenient career that requires he travel often and only returns to be with you on weekends.

There will be exceptions though and he might spend some weekdays with you, but these occurrences will be so far and in between, they almost won’t happen.

2) You Can’t Visit His Place

On the other hand, is the cheating man who can’t afford such a double life and has to stick to the one he has.

In this case, he does everything possible to keep you from visiting his place and will come up with every reason in the book why you can’t.

3) He’s a Lot More into Texts

Granted some people are more comfortable texting, however, if your man insists on just this medium of communication alone, then your radar should go off.

A text is easier to cover up; he doesn’t have to respond immediately and he can always delete it later on. Unlike a phone call where conversation can get stilted and uncomfortable if wifey suddenly comes into the room.

Signs he is lying about being married
Signs he is lying about being married

4) He Holds Back on Some Personal Details

If he holds back on some personal information, then he could be doing so because he feels giving you too much would be bad for his game.

You might put two and two together and discover the information he’s trying so hard to hide.

5) His Phone is Password-protected

His phone will also likely be heavily passworded and he would hardly be forthcoming with the password. After all, he has texts, photos, and all sorts from his wife.

Other men will just get so good at deleting texts, clearing chats, and saving your contacts with a name that would never arouse suspicions.

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6) You Can’t Call Him at Certain Times

If your man is unavailable at certain hours of the day, then this could be another red flag.

You will find that his number never goes through during the day and that might be because he has that number especially for you that has to be kept away when wifey is around and likely to stumble upon it.

Some men just go straight out to hide their numbers from you altogether. These men have taken their safety up a notch; he can call you, but you can’t call him. Period

Also, when he does call you it’s at odd hours of the day when he’s not likely to get caught.

7) He Avoids Going Out for Dinner With You

You also want to watch out for a man who avoids going out to dinner with you.

He comes over to yours and the only dinners you both have are the ones you prepare.

He will keep from going to public places with you to avoid being seen by someone who knows him.

8) He is NOT on Social Media

Or so he says to keep you from seeing obvious pictures of his family.

Other men would just make their social media accounts private and keep bouncing your requests every time you ask to connect.

9) He Doesn’t Have Any Friends

Again, a classic sign of a married man appears to have no friends.

While it might seem this way, this man is likely keeping you from his friends and family alike.

You are the side chick and he wants to avoid the scenarios that would come up when someone sees you.

10) He Drags His Feet About Any Form of Commitment

He can’t because he already is committed.

So, even if you missed all other signs, this one sign will raise your antenna to the high heavens and make it buzz nonstop.

11) Your Gut Tells You Something is Off

Lastly, your guts will tell you all is not just right with the relationship.

No matter how your man tries to reassure you or sweep your suspicions under the carpet, you will have that inkling feeling that just won’t go away.

It’s the way every woman is made and you should listen to it when it comes as this gut feeling has saved one too many women from heartbreak or a fruitless relationship.

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