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11 Funny Marriage Advice That Actually Work

by Kamara
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11 Funny Marriage Advice That Actually Work

I’ve been married going on eight years and more than anything, I wish someone had let me in on most of the information I know now.

For one thing, this would likely have saved the years spent trying to work through the challenges faced.

If you are yet to take the marriage plunge, then you want to read this post with keen ears.

First off, marriage is beautiful, especially if oifyou find the right person. However,
like most things, it is not all rosy; marriage comes with its good, and its bad, (and sometimes it’s ugly). How bad your ‘bad’ gets would depend on a few things, like the personalities of both parties involved and how prepared you were before taking the plunge.

Here are some funny marriage advice that would actually do you a world of good.

funny marriage advice

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10 Funny Marriage Advice to Listen To

1) Don’t Rush Into It

Truthfully, this is hard, especially if your friends are all settled. It can be tough looking around to discover you are the only single left and this will further get heightened at events and get-togethers.

Being the last single standing can make you desperate and eager to make that move, even if you aren’t ready.

You really shouldn’t.

No matter how eager you get, you never want to get to that point where you rush into it.

You also don’t want to listen to or give in to any pressure, either from within or from well-meaning friends.

2) Never Ignore the Red Flags

Bad qualities don’t just go away after marriage, no matter how you will wish them to. One thing you will come to quickly discover is that whatever bad character was presented while dating carries through into the marriage and could even get worse

Before making that move, you want to ask yourself how tolerant you are to certain personality traits that are currently grating on your nerves and if you would be able to overlook them should they persist or even worsen.

An abusive man remains an abuser even in marriage and while most times you would yearn to help him get better, you don’t want to make that big move in the hopes he will change.

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10 Marriage Advice to Give You a Lasting Marriage

This is Why You Shouldn’t Live with Your Mother In Law

3) Never Go with a Mama’s Boy

A mommy’s boy is a disaster waiting to happen. There are few things as off-putting as a man who needs his mom’s approval and validation before making a decision.

In marriage, this issue wouldn’t just grate on your nerves but would metamorphose into a dangerous growth requiring a quick surgical intervention.

You would feel resentful towards your partner and possibly his mother when he starts putting her over you and your kids every single time.

funny marriage advice

4) Marriage is Hard

Marriage is a lot of hard work. Anyone who tells you otherwise probably isn’t married or is faking it.

However, it isn’t so much work all the time. There are times of joy, fun, and support just like you get being single.

You will get to a point where you understand each other perfectly and will become two peas in a pod.

The first few years typically is the grinding stage and this is also the point where most marriages fold up.

You are two individuals coming together under the same roof and no matter how much in love you both are, there will come a time when the other’s idiosyncrasies will start to grate on your nerves.

Their differences will also become glaring the more you live together. You will wonder if you ever dated or if they were pretending the entire time.

The truth remains that we all put our good selves out all the time, and it takes settling down in marriage; being in each other’s space all the time for the complete person to show through.

5) It Takes Two to Make a Marriage Work

If you are religious, you would have heard the saying

” A wise woman builds her home.”

I had this shoved down my throat a couple of times at the start of my marriage. It is a passage taken from the Bible and truthfully, it does contain some truth.

However, this is not the only thing needed to build and sustain a marriage.

After some time, I turned to the Bible to search out passages about men also building the home and surprisingly there were no direct ones.

Of course, there were some about a man loving his wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it (and really this is enough to build a home on a man’s part) but no direct statements on homebuilding.

It takes two to sustain a marriage. What a lot of men do this side of the world is give their own interpretation of the Bible’s view of home building.

For a marriage to work, both hands have to be on deck giving as much as they are receiving. There’s just too much that goes on in marriage (most of it good) for one person to try to manage it all alone.

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6) No Two Marriages are the Same

When it comes to funny marriage advice this probably takes the cake.

You will find over time that no two marriages are the same. What works for A might likely sink B. Since both sets of individuals are two sets of people from different backgrounds, beliefs, and life experiences, it goes to reason that your marriages would be completely different.

Now while regular marriage advice is not so bad, you want to work out a combination that works for you (the perfect blueprint).

7) Longer Dating Periods Have an Advantage

Dating for a longer period gives you both the time to get to know each other deeply. Research has shown that couples who date for three years and over have a stronger grasp of the other’s personality and a reduced divorce rate – up to 39% lower.

funny marriage advice

8) Don’t Marry a Man Who Regards No One

Yet another marriage advice that can secure your marriage is never to marry a man who holds no one in high esteem.

Everyone should have at least that one person they listen to, someone who can call them to order when they step out of line.

A man with a God complex, who listens to no one, will be hard to get along with.

9) Finance Play a Major Role

Finance plays a key role in marriage. Many facets of it could affect a marriage in a major way: from a lack of finance to your partner’s spending habits, and how much is spent and on what.

You want to get every aspect of your finances sorted beforehand.

10) As Do Sex

This is another aspect to get right. Be sure you both are on the same wavelength when it comes to sexual views, endurance, and preferences. You don’t want to get into marriage to discover your partner’s statement of wanting sex every other day when you are comfortable with once a week, wasn’t just said in passing.

Sex – good sex – strengthens the bond between the couple but it could also cause a tremendous amount of avoided strain.

11) Quarreling Can be Good

If anyone had told me that such a negative action could have any positives, I would have assumed they needed help.

However, quarreling, if done correctly, can be a good tool to help you both adjust to the other’s likes and dislikes quickly.

In using this tool, you don’t want to go overboard by quarreling often or hurting the other’s feelings. The idea is to pass across your satisfaction over a certain action and not necessarily to cause a rift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the 3 most important things in marriage?

The three most important things in a marriage are love, understanding, and a commitment to see it work.

  • What is the best marriage advice?

The best marriage advice you could ever get is to love yourself and then treat the other as you would want to be treated.

  • What is the hardest year of marriage?

Most people reveal the first year to be the hardest. Even couples who had lived together found they experienced some form of hiccup during their first year as a married couple.

  • At what year do most couples divorce?

Research has shown that while a few marriages experience difficulties in the first year, the seventh and the eighth years are the years with the most possibilities for a divorce.

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