Signs he wants to marry you

10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

by Kamara

10 Signs He Wants to Marry You

Women and men are wired differently and so, will react differently in almost all situations. While most women would usually come right out to let a guy know she isn’t into him, a man might take a slightly different approach and it would take only a woman who is sensitive to tell. If you’re ever in doubt as to your man’s true intentions towards the relationship, here are some clear signs he wants to marry you.

There comes a time in every woman’s life where you want a deeper relationship than the dating scene you’re currently in. You’ve likely been in the relationship a few years and would love for things to move to the next level.

It also doesn’t help if you have gotten to the marriageable age with most of your friends settled. It can feel like you’re the only one left and your biological clock is slowly ticking away.

At such times, you can’t help but wonder if your boyfriend is the right person and if your relationship of a few years shouldn’t be heading to a permanent site.

You can decide, at such times, to help things along though by flat out coming out to ask him where the relationship is headed, that way you know if you’re both on the same page or take the long jump by proposing to him yourself. However, if you’re the shy type who would rather tow the conventional way and wait for him to pop the question, then you want to know if your man sees a future with you and wants to settle down with you. Here are some signs he wants to marry you you should be looking out for:

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Signs He Wants to Marry You in the Future

1) He Treats You with Absolute Love and Respect

One of the first and most obvious signs he wants to marry you is that he treats you with love and respect, almost like when you first got together. While the initial high that comes with most relationships wears off with time, a man serious about you will continue to treat you with love and respect. The initial excitement may have waned, but you both develop a new, deeper kind of commitment to each other.

He strives to make you happy and is concerned about even the littlest things about you.

Signs he wants to marry you
Signs he wants to marry you

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2) You’ve Met the Important People in His Life

When your boyfriend is serious about you and sees you as a key part of his future, he will let everyone know and this starts with you meeting everyone important in his life.

3) He Invites You to Family Events

He takes you along to family events and gatherings, subconsciously letting on you are his plus one and soon everyone will also come to see you that way.

4) He is Solely Committed to You

Yet another sign he’s serious about you is that he gets solely committed to you. You both might have started the relationship without much thought to it getting that serious, but if he suggests you both get exclusive, this might be a good sign ( Obviously. He doesn’t want to share!)

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5) He Talks About a Future with You

Does your talk steer towards starting a family and having kids? Then this is another pointer he sees a future with you.

If your boyfriend has asked you how many kids you’d like to have, their sexes, your views about starting a family, then you should know things are getting serious pretty fast.

He also discusses key facts about your future life: health, career, finance, and all other such important views.

6) He Cares about Your Decisions

He will also come to value your opinions and decisions a lot more. Heck, he might even seek you out and ask your take on pressing and important issues, a lot more than he did before.

7) He Tries to Win the Trust of Key People in Your Life

He tries to get close to and win the trust of key people in your life as he knows this would be important to you.

Also, he knows that while you are solely responsible for your decisions, the people in your life, to a large extent, can influence this decision and so he will try to win their trust.

Signs he wants to marry you
10 Signs he wants to marry you

8) Most of His Friends are Married

While this is not proven yet, a lot of guys are more likely to settle if most of their friends are married. He will choose to marry to stop being the odd one out and getting teased.

9) He Works Towards Being More Financially Stable

A guy who’s looking to settle down will start taking his finances a little more seriously if he wasn’t already. He knows soon, he will have a lot more financial responsibilities and will try to live up to this new image; he will have someone he is financially responsible for and accountable to and would want to start getting things a little more in order.

While this tip is usually not a very obvious one, if your boyfriend shows this, then this yet another sign to look out for.

10) He Asks Where You’d Like to Settle Down

You will also know he wants to marry you when your marriage conversations steer towards where you’d like to settle down and you both start making plans toward it.

Things That Could Hold Him Back from

If your boyfriend has shown you are important to him but is holding back from moving things to the next level, you might want to find out what’s holding him back and if it’s a situation you both can work on.

Any one of these can hold a man back from asking the woman of his dreams to marry him

1) His Finances are not Quite Where He’s Comfortable with

The signs he wants to get committed to you are there, however, the finances to do so are not and so, he holds back.

Weddings and marriage are two big projects that require a lot of finance and financial maturity and if your man doesn’t quite have the money needed to make a marriage work, he might shy away from it.

Signs he wants to marry you
Signs he wants to marry you

2) He’s Afraid of the Future

Everyone has some modicum of fear about the future, however for some people, this fear can be so much, it practically demobilizes them. Your man can be afraid of what the future holds, financially or otherwise and this could hinder him from taking that step you desire.

3) He’s Afraid You will Change Afterwards

A few men complain their wives changed right after they settled down. If your man has been around these complaints a lot, this might have put a sort of fear in him and be preventing him from doing the needful.

4) He Doesn’t Want to Give Up His “Freedom” Yet

They say men will know when they want to get married and would do things to see this happen. If your man hasn’t quite gotten to this time yet, he might hold back, and trying to make him do otherwise would sort of creating a pressured feeling he might want to avoid.

5) He Doesn’t See You in His Future

If he doesn’t see you in his future, then he will hold back from putting a ring on it.

Top Signs that Show He’s Justa Time Waster

Besides the very obvious signs of you never haven met anyone of note in his life and him coming over only when he needs sexual gratification from you, here are some other signs your boyfriend might just be stringing you along:

1) He Flakes on You All the Time

He cancels on you at the last minute or even a few hours before you both have to be together. Of course, while situations may arise that will see him canceling a date or two, doing this more often is usually a big pointer your man is not that into you.

2) He’s Emotionally Closed Up

At the start of any relationship, some people are usually guarded about letting their real personality show. As you get to know each other a little more, this wall is gradually brought down.

If on the other hand, your man remains guarded; showing zero vulnerability around you nor letting you into his personal space, you should know this is a major issue that should be looked into.

3) He Doesn’t Really Care About the Things that are Important to You

A man that truly cares about you will see your happiness as a priority and care about every little thing that concerns you. If your man doesn’t (and we always know when this is so), then he could very likely be a time-waster, out only to waste your time.

Signs he wants to marry you

4) He’s Always too Busy to Spend Quality Time with You

If something or someone is important to you, you treat it so. We always make out time for people who are important to us, no matter how busy our schedule. So, if your man is too busy to spend some quality time with you, you might want to have a sit down to talk things through.

5) He Doesn’t Really Want to Get to Know You

Most men know very early on in the relationship if you are the ONE or just a placeholder. Luckily, even though a man will deny it to the high heavens and back, women always seem to know if he’s telling the truth as his words and actions will fail to align. Your gut tells you all is not right.

One glaring way your man doesn’t see you in the same light as you do him is that he doesn’t want to get to know you. He’d be comfortable with the relationship remaining purely physical and shallow and may subtly any attempt from you to get things more serious.

6) He Hides You

He hides you from anyone serious in his life. Since he doesn’t see a future with you, he wouldn’t want to lead you on and give you the wrong impression.

7) He Doesn’t Speak of a Future with You

Some men need that subtle push to be reminded they should look into taking the relationship to the next level. For such guys, he will become interested, engaged even once the idea takes root in his mind.

However, if a man doesn’t see a future with you, every mention of the subject would come across as you pressuring him and he would likely react accordingly.

8) He Plain Tells You He’s Not Looking for Anything Serious

Lastly, one good sign a man is only out to waste your time is that he comes right out to tell you. Actually, in this case, you wouldn’t really class him as a time-waster as he’d opened up on what he really wanted from the beginning. Women who go ahead with such relationships are women who either are on the same page and want just an affair themselves or ones who feel they would be able to change the man’s mind as the relationship progresses.

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