10 Food that will Boost Your Man’s Low Sperm Count in No Time

by Muobo
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Low sperm count is a very common problem, affecting a significant number of men worldwide. Sadly, most cases of it go undiagnosed or untreated as the sufferers are usually too embarrassed to seek medical treatment.

For a man to be termed having a healthy sperm count, he would need to have between 40 million to around 300 million sperms per milliliter of ejaculate. Having lower than this, from 15 million sperms and below, and he’ll be termed as having a low sperm count, a condition that could greatly affects his chances of conceiving.

This health condition is classified into two different categories, depending on its severity. You have:

Where you have less than 15 million sperms per ml of ejaculate.

This occurs when you have zero sperm counts whatsoever per ml of ejaculate.

Low sperm count is one of the top causes of infertility in men and cold be caused by any of the following:

Top Low Sperm Count Causes
– Constant, extreme heat to the genitalia from items like laptops placed on the laps or a bike.
– Infection that wasn’t properly treated or treated on time.
– Varicocele
– Excessive smoking and drinking habits.
– Being extremely overweight.
– Retrograde ejaculation where the semen goes to the bladder instead of coming out through the penis during ejaculation.
– Surgery or extreme trauma to the genitalia.
– Antibodies that attack and kill the sperm cells.
– Cancer tumors
– Getting exposed to lead and other heavy metals.
– Being born with the Klinefelter’s syndrome where a man has the XX chromosomes instead of the XY.
– Hormonal imbalance
– Taking certain medications.

Low sperm count

Low Sperm Count Symptoms to Look Out For

There really aren’t any obvious signs a man has a low sperm count. Most usually find out this condition after trying to get pregnant with their partner for six months and above without success.

Helping Your Man Overcome Low Sperm Count

Thankfully, low sperm count is mostly not permanent and can be reversed with the right combination of drugs, lifestyle changes, and a diet adjustment.

First off, most men would feel embarrassed and emasculated to be diagnosed with a problem such as this. You can help him quickly adjust to it so he seeks solutions quicker by making him understand he remains the same strong, amazing man you fell in love with and tour high opinion of him hasn’t changed.

Next, seek out the low sperm count treatment type that would be best for him by following the advice of your doctor. If you do decide to include a diet adjustment:

Here are 10 Foods That Can and Will Boost Your Sperm Count in No Time

Certain foods are superfoods, known to be high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and are just what your man needs to overcome this health challenge. These ten foods have been known to reverse low sperm count:

– Egg ( rich in protein and vitamins)
– Dark Chocolate (contains L-Arginine to boost your sperm count and volume)
– Bananas ( which contains bromelain and vitamins for healthy sperm production)
– Spinach (has a high folic acid content which is just what he needs.
– Garlic (contains selenium and vitamin B6 for healthy sperm production)
– Walnuts ( with omega-3 acid to increase blood flow to your genitals).
– Asparagus (contains vitamin C which works by shielding the sperms from the harmful effects of free radicals)
– Carrots (contains vitamin A)
– Goji Berries (contains omega-3 fatty acids)
– Ginseng and maca roots (fertility herbs)

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