10 Amazing Cleaning Hacks that Will Make Your Laundry Time Faster and Better

by Muobo
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Laundry is one house chore I absolutely don’t like, so I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts or cleaning hacks to get my clothes cleaned in no time.

My search has paid off and I have come to amass a few of these hacks that get even the toughest cloth stains off in no time.

Read on while I share some of these amazing (and some not-so-amazing) cleaning hacks that help with my washing each time.

1. Toothpaste to Remove Dried Blood Stain
Instead of scrubbing vigorously at a shirt stained with blood, wet it a little and dab a little toothpaste over it.

Rub this in, let it sit for a while and then rinse off. You should repeat as many times until you are satisfied.

Toothpaste also removes other tough stains like ink or lipstick stains on clothes.

2. Salt Cleaning Hack: Salt to Retain Colours
If you want your colours to remain bright, add a teaspoon of salt to the water before washing.

Use just as you add your detergent, although you should add a little more of the later as salt has been known to reduce the active foaming agent in soap a little.

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3. Milk Cleaning Hack: Milk to Remove White Stain
This cleaning hack is more effective when you ‘attack’ the stain immediately it appears.

Apply the milk to the stained spot, spreading it gently over it, leave temporarily and then rinse off.

4. Lemon Cleaning Hack: Brighten Whites Using Lemon
Get your whites bright and sparkly again by giving hem a lemon soak.

Add some drops or a cap full of fresh lemon juice into a kettle of water and brink it to boil. Allow this cool sufficiently and go ahead to soak whites in this before washing.

5. Vinegar Cleaning Hack: Gets Rid of Foul Smell on Clothes
If you have a bad smell lingering on your clothes, you can usually get it off using a little vinegar.

Add a cap full or two into the washing water and let it sit for five minutes before washing

6.Baking Soda Cleaning Hack: Baking Soda to Whiten Whites
If you find your whites are getting a little off-colored, you can get them sparkling again by adding half a cup baking soda to each wash load.

7. Lemon Juice Cleaning Hack: Lemon Juice to Remove Armpit Stain
Remove those embarrassing armpit stains by rubbing some fresh lemon juice as you wash.

8. Odour Cleaning Hack: Freezer to Remove Odour from Jeans
Want to remove a foul odour from your jeans? Place jeans in a plastic bag and put this in the freezer overnight.

9. Stain Cleaning Hack: White Wine to Remove Red Wine Stain
If you have a stubborn red wine stain refusing to come off, you can get it off using some white wine.

Just soak the affected part in white for 5 minutes or there about and watch as this penetrates and dissolves the stained mark.

If you find your dark colors are fadding and starting to look whiter, you can get them darker again by brewing some coffee and soaking these clothes fo 5-10 minues.

To use, add a cup of brewed coffee or green tea to half a bucket of water, soak, and then wash.

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