9 Reasons Why Guys Pull Away When They Like You and What You Can Do About It

Why guys pull away when they like you

9 Reasons Why Guys Pull Away When They Like You and What You Can Do About It

Has this happened to you recently or ever? You meet a guy and things are going great. The next thing you know, he disappears on you; takes time to pick your calls, doesn’t pick at all, or acts as though he’d rather have been alone when you are around.

You are quite certain this guy still likes you, but he just doesn’t seem to be interested in being with you anymore.

Why do guys pull away when they like you? This is one question any woman who has ever found herself in this confusing situation asks.

Continue reading to find out nine common reasons why guys pull away when it’s obvious they like you

Why guys pull away
why guys pull away when they like you

1) His Feelings Scare Him

We don’t always choose who we fall in love with and your man might be finding out things are getting out of the sphere he can control.

Men like being in charge of things and suddenly discovering he’s getting to a point with you where he can no longer control his feelings for you might be causing him to panic.

What to Do About It

In most of such cases, these men usually just need some time agone to work things out in their heads.

It would be best to talk things over with him and then give him the time he needs to get his feelings sorted while letting him know you are there for him

2) He Just Might Not be Ready for That Big Commitment

A guy will also likely pull away if he sees you are on the lookout for a commitment he’s not ready to give.

This commitment doesn’t even have to be the big P, however, if you’re asking for a monogamous relationship when he still wants to sow his wild oats, then he will pull away.

What to Do About It

If a guy leaves because he’s not ready for commitment, then you should let him go. It would be in your best interest to let such a guy walk.

You don’t want to hang on to a guy who doesn’t consider you important enough to go exclusive with you. If you end up giving more than you are getting, soon you will come to resent him and this could create a whole new set of problems for you.

3) It Got Serious A Little Too Fast

The relationship might have gotten serious a little faster than he’s comfortable with and scared the hell out of him.

Serious here doesn’t even have to be as deep moving in together. It could be something you said that made him realize you were in way more than he was and this scared him.

What to Do About It

If you find he’s overwhelmed by the place things are going you, consider giving him the space he needs at this time.

You don’t want to keep calling at this time to explain how wrong he is about your motives as this would only serve to underscore his conclusions and drive him further away.

why guys pull away when they like you

4) It’s Not Exactly You

If he didn’t pull away because things moved too fast or he’s commitment-phobic, then he might have done so for a reason that’s entirely unrelated to you.

Your man might be going through some personal stuff that has become a little too stressful and overwhelming. And because guys aren’t quite as skilled at compartmentalizing issues, he might have withdrawn temporarily to deal with it.

However, since there’s no way you’d know about this, you would arrive at the only logical conclusion.

What to Do About It

This is where communication comes in handy. You should both have a sit down to discuss his withdrawal, but be prepared as he might not be forthcoming with the reason for the distance, especially if the relationship is still at the budding stage.

Men like sorting out issues themselves and your man might want to do that.

In such a situation, giving him the space he needs while you still keep in touch just might be the best thing to do.

5) You Don’t Make Him Feel Needed

Men also like to feel needed. If you are a very strong, self-sufficient woman who’s used to getting things done all the time, then he will feel he’s not needed and no man likes that.

What to Do About It

While this is not suggesting you become a damsel in distress, you might want to stay off some of that manly stuff when he’s around and let him handle them.

6) He’s Emotionally Unavailable

Your man might also appear distant because deep down, he’s emotionally unavailable.

The sad thing about emotionally unavailable men is that most still go ahead to start relationships, knowing they are incapable of loving and connecting with a woman she way she needs.

What to Do About It

The good news is that the relationship might not be doomed. Your man might have become distant emotionally as a coping mechanism to pain in his past.

However, you really don’t want to go into a relationship with the intent to change a man. Men don’t change unless they want to and he has to love you enough to want to make this minor change for your happiness.

You should know, however, that getting that emotional commitment won’t happen with you remaining his fall-back girl. He’s been that way for a while, possibly all his life and you being there, giving him all the love and affection you think he needs in the hopes this will penetrate that hard exterior he’s put up and ignite some love in his heart for you just might not work.

Men and women view and interpret the same issues differently and in his book, Men are from Mars, and Women are From Venus, relationship counselor explains that understanding this difference between both sexes is the key to successful relationships.

Men treat women based on the value they place on themselves. If you are a woman who’s content to put up with the love crumbs he gives, then he will see no reason to make adjustments. However, if you require the love you know you deserve of him, then he would have to make a change.

If after some time, you see no change forthcoming after communicating how his distance makes you feel, then it might be time to reassess the relationship.

why guys pull away when they like you

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7) He’s Not as Into You as You Thought

Your man might have pulled easy because he isn’t as into you as you thought he was.

What to Do About It

While this will surely be painful, you really are better off. You don’t want to be with a guy who doesn’t feel the same way you do

There are tons of awesome guys out there who will give you the love and respect you deserve.

8) The Relationship is Too Easy

Men love a challenge and he might be pulling away because you don’t pose much of one to him.

He gets everything he wants from you. You might even let him get away with treating you bad believing this will show him you are a peaceful, no-baggage woman.

What to Do About It

There’s a school of thought that advocates you have to treat a guy mean to keep him, then there’s the other that believes you have to be yourself all the time.

While both opinions have their pros and disadvantages, experience has taught having a successful relationship is hinged on knowing how to strike a balance. You don’t want to treat a guy so mean, you push him running into the arms of another woman. On the other hand, you don’t want to be so nice and easy, he feels there’s nothing more to look forward to.

A better course of action would be being a balanced woman; having a life of your own with your own likes and interests while having him know he has a place of importance in this life.

Why guys pull away when they like you
why guys pull away when they like you

9) You’re Trying to Change Him

A man will also pull away if he feels you are trying to change him into a version of the ideal you have. The more you struggle to change him, the farther he withdraws until you wake up one day to find he’s no longer in your life.

What to Do About It

Understand that no one likes being criticized. You might want to consider communicating those actions of his that make you uncomfortable.

Also, learning to pick your fights will help a great deal. Is what he does so bad that you’d be willing to throw away a good relationship for?

This is where dialogue comes in to find what can be tolerated and what can be discussed.

If his actions are detrimental to your peace of mind and he refuses to work on them after a while, then it might be time to put your own happiness and safety ahead.

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