Relationship Advice: 8 Ways Recognize a Guy Out to Play Games with Your Heart

Relationship Advice: How to Recognize a Guy Out to Play Games with Your Heart

Simple relationship advice or tips to help you identify a guy who’s not real and out to hurt you

A male pal once told me that if a guy isn’t serious about you, nothing you say or do will change that. You can nag, cry, plead, make his favourite meal, or try to be the very best girlfriend you can be, he just is going to take what you have to offer and go off to the next girl when he gets bored.

Most of us have met this category of guy during the course of dating, and sadly, since we didn’t know what he was about, we gave him our heart and he returned it in a million pieces.

Here is a Friendly Girls Guide on How You Can Recognize this Kind of Guy in No Time

Relationship advice
Relationship advice for women

He’s Good at What He Does
A lot of people will tell you this type of guy is a smooth-talker, so avoid suave, smooth talkers and you’ll be fine.

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News flash! Guys who play games are smart; too smart to be boxed into such a boring stereotype. He knows a lot of women are unto his game so he’s evolved. He will be whatever, whoever he thinks you want in your life so he can get in.

I have seen guys come on as shy and unsure of themselves when they wooed a lady, only to pull the disappearing act once the game was fully played.

He Doesn’t Want to Really Get to Know You

Getting to know you doesn’t fit into his grand plan, so he will avoid that. He avoids conversations or meetings geared towards bringing you both closer.

He can change the conversation to a less intimate one, or cancel a planned meeting at the last minute, if this will help him keep to him initial plans.

He Keeps His Personal Life Away from You

You never get to meet his family-ever! He will arrange to meet you outside the home, if he still stays with family so there’s no chance of you running into them.

If he stays alone and has family coming over, he makes sure there’s no chance of you dropping by and could go as far as faking being out of town just so you don’t get tempted to stop by.

Relationship advice
Relationship advice for women

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His friends are also off-limit. On the off-chance you run into them, he doesn’t introduce you so there’s no mistaking exactly what you are to him.

He Tells You He’s not Ready for a Commitment

He comes right out to tell you he isn’t ready for commitment. I have seen a relationship where the guy told the lady:

You are a wonderful lady and I wouldn’t want to delay you, so if you meet a man ready to marry you, please go ahead and marry him.

The lady was devastated, but she needn’t have been. The truth is, that kind of guy is not scared of getting married, he just doesn’t want to settle down with you.

Your Guts Tells You There’s Something Off about Him

This is just about the most important tip you need to identify an unavailable guy. Actually, it is the only tip you need.

Every woman has that inbuilt intuition that tells her when a man isn’t right for her, we just choose to ignore it for one reason or the other.

I personally have been in situations where my guts told me getting out was in my best interest, but out of loneliness and the fear of being alone, I stayed back until my worse fears were confirmed and I got hurt.

Listening to this inner voice will save you from giving your heart to the wrong guy and investing your time emotionally in a relationship not destined for the future.

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How Then Do You Recognize a Guy Who is Genuine?

Your Heart Tells You So
If he is real, you will know it. He doesn’t have to swear his genuity, your heart and the peace you feel within will let you know this is the real deal.

Time will Tell
Time will also tell if what you have is real or chaff that should be discarded.
Character and personality are like smoke that cannot be hidden – at least not for very long. No matter how he tries to play his game there will be those little cracks that will appear with time to reveal his true intentions.

-His Actions will Speak
Actions speak louder than words and this is one situation where the actions of a gamer will speak to give out his game.

It’s tough trying to be who you are not, and as time goes on, he’ll find it harder maintaining this facade and will start to drop his guard little by little.

Hopefully this happens before you become too emotionally invested to take a walk.

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