The Pain of Unrequited Love and How You Can Get Past It

The Pain of Unrequited Love and How You Can Get Past It

Unrequited love is heartbreaking and you will feel the pain deep within. However, you can get over this heartbreak to be whole again.

Being in love is an amazing feeling; you think about this person all the time, you want to spend every waking moment with them, and you think up ways or do things to make them happy.

Being in love is like an aphrodisiac that keeps you on a constant high. You become ‘child-like’ in your excitement your joy and can’t seem to get enough of each other.

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Now, while love is sweet, it is only so when it is two-sided. Being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back is one of the most painful things to experience. It is like a heartache that keeps on hurting.

Worse still is when you try to win their love and they keep on rejecting you over and over again.

Overtime, your heart starts to bleed from the pain of this rejection and the magical feeling you once felt hardens to become one of resentment.

You wonder why they don’t love you! Why they can’t love you after you have given your all to make them do so. Are you so unlovable?

I have been down this road, experienced the heart-wrenching pain that goes with unrequited love and so feel a strong empathy for people in a similar situation. So if you are currently faced with this painful situation, here are sure ways you can overcome this pain to start living your life:

unrequited love
The pain of unrequited love

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1.Accept that You are in This Love Relationship Alone

This is usually the hardest part of moving on. Because we love this person, we want to believe that somewhere deep down, they feel the same way and have that flicker of emotion for us too, especially if they are friendly with us.

However, holding unto this notion will only do more harm than good and prolong the inevitable pain.

Accept that they do not feel the same way so you can see clearly why you should move on.

2.Grieve the Loss of the Relationship

Now, even if you didn’t quite have a relationship with them, you had one in your heart and losing this will hurt as much as losing a physical relationship would have.

Take out time to properly grieve this loss. Cry if this makes things easier. Just find a way to let out all that pent-up up love and pain.

3.Release Them from the Resentment You Feel

This is for you. At this time, youd be harbouring an intense feeling of hatred for them. Rid your heart of this feeling. Understand it isn’t exactly their fault they couldn’t love you back. We can’t always decide people’s emotions and sometimes, things don’t always pan out like we’d hope.

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4.Give Them Some Space

Give them some space, like you would if you broke up with your boyfriend.

They say “out of sight, is out of mind’. You need this distance between you to weaken what you feel right now and give it the opportunity to gradually start to fade.

Give it as much time as you think is necessary and only go back to them when you feel comfortable to do so, that’s if you must.

unrequited love

5.Get Some Fun and Joy Back by Hanging Out with Others

You should hang out with friends or carry out activities that interest you.

The idea is to start on the road to living your normal life once again. Take it one day at a time, putting one step in front of the other. Do not beat yourself up if you have a relapse and feel horrible from time to time.

Love is a powerful feeling and it sometimes takes a while to fade away. But understand that with each passing day, you are closer to the healed heart you crave and soon you will meet that special person that will love you in that very special way you deserve.

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