Dating Advice for Women: 5 Best Tips To Revive a Dying Relationship

Dating advice for women to give you a strong, lasting relationship.

Dating Advice for Women: 5 Best Tips To Revive a Dying Relationship

You may have come to a point in your relationship where you feel throwing in the trowel is a much better option than fighting for a love union that seems to be heading nowhere fast.

However, over time, I have come to realize that true love is hard to find and sometimes staying back to fight for yours is always worth the effort in the end.

If you want a beautiful love relationship, you have to be willing and committed to fight for it. No seemingly perfect relationship just turn out that way. Someone somewhere took the decision and made the conscious effort to work at their relationship being better.

Dating Advice Advice for Women
Dating Advice for Women

Five Proven Dating Advice for Women to Revive a Dying Relationship

Apply these time-tested relationship tips to get your relationship back to what it was:

1. Revive the Fire
Every relationship starts out with the sparks burning bright, but as you progress, life happens and you find you have less and less time for each other.

It is at these times you have to start the fight to revive the relationship and hope your partner joins in and there are tons of ways you can do this:

– For one, remember you both used to spend a lot of time together on dates or romantic get-aways. If you have let this
culture die, now might be a good time to revive it.

You can set aside a date weekly or bi-monthly, so you both hang out and reconnect.

Doing this will take your minds back to the beginning when you cared deeply for each other and this will likely make you both fall in love with each other all over again.

– You can find out things your man likes and do them sometimes. He’ll notice you care enough to put in the effort and this will mean a lot to him.

– Send him a text or two daily just to let him know you’re thinking of him.

This is usually a much better option than calling severally, which he might see as a disturbance if he’s quite busy.

– Welcome him home with a warm hug and a kiss. He might have had a hard time out there with unfriendly strangers and would learn to look forward to the warmth of your reception daily.

– Write love notes and hide them around the house without telling him where. Let your notes be filled with messages of how much he means to you and how appreciative you are to have him in your life.

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2. Be Understanding and Compassionate
Being understanding and compassionate can also do a lot for your relationship.

Your man might have gone cold due to pressure at work or someplace else and not because he’s no longer into you.

Showing a little more compassion and understanding can get him to open up to you.

If he’s gone cold, let him know how his action is impacting on the relationship and affecting you. Talk to him in a non-accusatory way, pouring your heart out as you do so.

Dating Advice Advice for Women
Dating Advice for Women

3. Have a Heart-to-Heart with Him
You both might need to sit down to discuss your relationship and where it is heading.

If you want things to work, be sure your partner is also on the same page so you don’t end up fighting a battle that can never be won.

It’s easier working on a relationship when your partner’s heart is still in it, but he just seem a little distant, than when his love is completely gone.

4. You Might Need to Take a Break
Sometimes, you might need to take some time apart for your relationship to survive.

If you find staying together gets continually taxing, then some time apart might be what you both need.

However, while you stay away, keep the line of communication open and reach out to each other from time to time.

Pick his calls anytime he calls and also reach out to him when you can.

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5. Review and Decide
After some time apart, you both can decide to give the relationship another go.

Talk about it and what made it go south in the first place.

You both should fully settle any issue before giving the relationship another shot so what drove you both apart the first time doesn’t rear its head again.

If on the other hand you find things are still the same, you should tell yourself the truth, which is that the relationship isn’t working. And while it might be hard, painful even, you might need to take a walk for real this time.

Relationships are meant to be enjoyed, not endured and if yours continues to be more pain than joy, remember not all relationships are meant to be. Some come just to teach you a thing or two and to make you stronger.

Understand also that love can find you again; there’s someone out there who believes the sun rises and sets with you and will treat you with the much love and respect you deserve.

3 thoughts on “Dating Advice for Women: 5 Best Tips To Revive a Dying Relationship

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. It’s very true that sometimes a person can seem cold at home but it’s actually due to their own pressures at work etc. Some good advice there!

    1. Hi Melis, year, different reasons make people go cold, especially pressure at work and other places. And I have come to discover from my own personal experiences and those of others, that being patient and not jumping to conclusion most often clears the air.

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