7 Ways to be More Attractive to Others

7 Ways to be More Attractive to Others

Attraction varies from person to person, however, here are those universal qualities everyone seems to agree on. If you would like to build your relationship with others, here are seven prove ways to be more attractive.

Remember that girl or guy who you just liked and couldn’t explain why? Well, something about their personality must have attracted you and made you like them.

Some people have it easy getting others to like them from first meet, while a few others have to put in a little effort to achieve this same result. Whichever group you fall into, the fact is you too can be attractive to people and get to live a more relaxed and joy-filled life.

Ways to be more attractive
Ways to be more attractive

Proven Ways to be More Attractive to Others

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Here’s how you can go about it:

1.Be Yourself

The easiest and best thing you can be is yourself. Trying to be someone else or a version of you you feel will be more attractive to others can be very emotionally and physically draining and you will also have a hard time maintaining this ‘personality’ for long.

It’s different when you try to cultivate new good habits. Your new traits will endear people to you all the more. However, trying to be exactly like someone around you or a version of a person you saw on TV is an impossible feat that will only leave you frustrated in the end (or middle, depending on how long you can keep it up). Besides, people can tell when you aren’t being real and would rather be with someone comfortable enough to be themselves.

Be yourself and those who will like you will come to genuinely like you. Those who don’t (so long as you are good) don’t deserve to be in your life anyways.

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2.Listen to People

One of the most admirable traits you can have is good listening. Good listeners don’t just hear the words you say, they assimilate ti understand them and this quality endears them to others.

I have one or two friends who are great listeners and they are so dear to me. I don’t even see any of their faults!

People want to be heard and being the one who does this, especially if you aren’t judgemental, will give you an edge social-wise, making you more attractive.

While some people have the gift of active listening, a few others don’t and this is one skill we have to make the conscious effort to developed. Doing so, however, always pays off in the end.

Ways to be more attractive
Ways to be more attractive

3.Smile a Lot and Don’t Take Life too Seriously!

When you meet people who always have a reason to smile, it’s hard not to like them even if you haven’t really met.

Their habit of smiling and always being happy can be catching and you find yourself wanting more of this positive energy in your life.

You start to see life from their viewpoint; a little less serious as their inner joy starts to rub off on you.

Find a reason to smile, even when problems lurk, because, even though problems can be overwhelming, they mostly are not forever. You don’t want to look back and find you spent an important parr of your life being unhappy and miserable when you could have been happy.

Besides, research has shown that smiling is not just a mood booster, it also reduces blood pressure and improves your immune system!

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4.Give without Expecting to Receive

Everyone loves generous people. We all love to receive free things, no matter what it is.

While being the receiver is good, being the giver is even better and opens you up to blessings you never imagined.

I don’t know how religious you are or if you even are, but people who give never lack. There’s always a force that provides what you need, just when they need it.

When you give you should do so without the expectation of getting anything in return as this just defeats the purpose of giving. However, you most definitely would get a blessing back and it would be something really important in your life or something you never really expected.

Giving also puts a smile on the face on the one receiving, which is just as much a blessing, in my opinion.

5.Take Care of Yourself

In the words of a wise friend:

“Inner beauty is great, but no one goes around with psychic powers to find out who has this quality and who doesn’t. People first of all get attracted to your outward appearance and then your inner beauty gives life or depth to this attractive.

In this vein, you want to take care of your outward appearance and ensure you look good. Find a style you’re comfortable with and stick with it. You want to pick one that wouldn’t require too much of your energy to maintain or get you frustrated after a while.

Taking care of yourself also includes maintaining a good health. Having good lifestyle habits and this includes eating right and exercising regularly, will ensure you maintain optimal health all the time.

If you’re sick, you would have little thoughts to be attractive or pleasant to others. Health is wealth and you should endeavour to keep yours up!

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6.Have a Pleasant Body Language

One of ways to be more attractive to others is to have a more pleasant body language. The wrong body language can make you come across and unavailable and guarded.

Body language you want to avoid include folding your arms across your chest, leaning back in your seat, having your body slightly turned away, not maintaining eye contact, and pressing your phone. You want to portray more positive and endearing body language like maintaining eye contact, leaning in and making positive affirmations to show you are listening.

7.Be Confident

Being confident is a major attraction. Almost everyone is drawn to that person who is confident and know what they are doing. Having a healthy dose of confidence is definitely one of the top ways of being more attractive to others.

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