10 Clear Signs You are Dating a Married Man

Dating a married man

10 Signs You are Dating a Married Man

There are women whose moral compass is strongly against dating married men. However, because a lot of philandering married men know this, they hide this important detail from you.

Luckily, as women, our sixth sense is never dormant and you can always tell when something is not quite right.

If you ever suspect something is a little off with your relationship, here are ten never-before-failed signs you are dating a married man:

Dating a married man

1) He’s Unavailable Certain Days of the Week

This is a classic with most cheating men. They usually are unavailable on weekends and holidays and that’s because this time has been set aside to be with their family.

If your man never has time for you on weekends or holidays, then this definitely is a red flag.

2) You Can’t Reach Him on Phone

You can’t reach him when you want. He has to be the one to call you and that’s because he doesn’t want your calls coming in at the ‘wrong” time.

At other times, you might be able to reach him, but he warns you to keep these calls to certain times of the day like in the mornings or at noon when he’ll be at work, never in the evenings.

3) The Relationship Stays Somewhat Hidden

You will also find that the relationship is a lot different from your previous ones. There are certain places you both don’t go to and that’s because Romeo doesn’t want to chance running into someone that knows him.

If you find your dates are usually out of town or in a theatre, then this is a glaring sign you are dating a married man.

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4) He Never Brings You to His Place

You will find that months go by and you still don’t know where your man lives.

Some men are smart about this and would rather date a girl in a different town, that way they do the traveling once in a while, and the issue of you visiting his place doesn’t arise, or does much, much later in the relationship when he’s already thinking of taking a walk.

5) He Drives a Family Car

Most single guys would go for a car more fitting to their status, like a Ford Mustang, Chevrolet, Audi, or a BMW. If your man drives a family car, then this is likely grounds for suspicion.

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6) There’s an Unmistakable Patch on His Ring Finger

He will have that patch signaling he’s been wearing a wedding ring for a long time. However, some guys might try to explain this away by saying they are in the process of getting a divorce.

You should take this declaration with a pinch of salt, especially if the mark doesn’t seem to be fading after a few months.

7) You Can’t Meet His Parents

You are definitely dating a married man if he’s yet to introduce you to anyone special in his life.

If he keeps you from meeting his parents and friends, or you’ve only ever met a handful of his friends after a while, your suspicions just might be correct.

Dating a married man
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8) He Keeps from Committing to You

He can’t because he already is committed to someone else.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a glaring sign as you might pass off his reluctance to commit as the foot-dragging of a commitment-phobic man.

9) He’s Not on Social Media

Your man might keep from social media because he knows this would be the fastest way to be exposed.

On the other hand, he might have a social media presence but make it private to keep you from snooping around.

10) You Can’t Move In Together

You are definitely dating a married man if he frustrates every of your plan to move in together.

These men likely have a wife who is stationed out-of-town and while he might let you visit his place, even spend the night, he wouldn’t want to bite off more than he can chew by having you move in.

His wife might drop in unexpectedly and the shit would hit the roof (and hopefully fall right back onto his face!).


What to Do If You Find Out You’ve Been Dating a Married Man

Finding out you’ve been living a lie will be devastating, especially if your emotions are very much invested in the relationship.

While you might be tempted to yell at him, scream and cry your eyes out (and you should. You have earned the right to feel these emotions haven been betrayed so deeply), you should focus more on the way forward.

No matter how you might try to justify it, dating a married man puts you in the position of the other woman and the majority of people are never sympathetic to a woman in this position.

If you would like to continue with the affair (and that’s what it is at this point), you should know what it entails and prepare yourself for dating a married man.

On the other hand, if you would like to move on, here are two solutions women who have found themselves in this situation put forward

1) End the Affair Immediately

Doing otherwise is telling him you accept his treatment of you. A man who betrayed your trust this way definitely doesn’t deserve your love.

There’s a strong likelihood you aren’t his priority. A man who could betray his wife, a woman he swore to protect, is capable of a lot worse.

If the marriage wasn’t going well, there is a right way to do things. If he remained in the relationship, then he only ended up deceiving you both.

You should end the affair and cut off all ties to him to block all rooms for a reconciliation.

At this point, you should be focused on you and how you can heal from the pain of his betrayal.

2) Cut All Ties Until He Does Right by You

If he’s on the verge of getting a divorce but has been dragging his feet, the relationship can still be salvaged.

However, it’s recommended you still break things off with him, this way he knows you aren’t accepting the place of the other woman in his life.

This time though, you shouldn’t block all contact. However, you should give him a timeframe to become single again if he still wants you in his life and stick to it.

The idea is to let him know that while you appreciate the precarious situation he’s in, you aren’t about to be used.

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