Ghosting You: 10 Shocking Reasons Men Give for Ghosting You

A man Ghosting you can be one of the most confusing things ever. See ten common reasons men give for this.

10 Common Reasons Men Give for Ghosting You

Whether you are a young lady fresh into the dating world, or you have some years experience in love and loving, ghosting is one experience most of us will come to know.

However, knowing it, even preparing your mind for it in the event it ever happens, doesn’t quite prepare you for the extent of pain and self-doubt you feel when it happens to you.

You’ll find it hard to accept at first and when you finally do, will be racked by thoughts of what went wrong.

Here’s what relationship and human behavior expert in Arizona, Karen Ruskin, PsyD, has to say on the subject

“Ghosting makes the person left behind feel dismissed. It makes them feel like garbage—and when I say garbage, I mean literal garbage like they feel like they’ve been thrown away. They’ve been discarded.”

Being ghosted can hit you hard, bringing with it feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, especially when you have no idea why he disappeared.

Thankfully, men put forward some reasons why they decide to ghost a woman and one of these just might explain why your man left.

Ghosting You
Top reasons why he’ss ghosting you

Top Reasons Why He’s Ghosting You

1) The Relationship Starts to Get Real

According to Dr. Natalie Jones PsyD, most times if a man is ghosting you it’s not because of something you have done or should have done, but because he has some emotional immaturity and attachment issues.

If a man wants a casual relationship, he will bail when things start to get more serious, usually around three months of your going together.

2) He Gets Overwhelmed by His Emotions

He could also be ghosting you because he’s overwhelmed by the intensity of his feelings for you.

He might suddenly realize how much you have come to mean to him, get scared by the supposed power you now wield over him, and bail in an attempt to guard his heart against pain.

3) He May Not be Ready to Give You What You Want

It’s also possible he’s ghosting you because he can’t give you what you want. You want a serious relationship that is clearly defined and heading somewhere while he’s content to just coast along for the time being.

With you both being so at odds with what you want, he might feel disappearing is the best course of action.

He’s ghosting you because he found someone elsd

4) He Found Someone Else

He might have found love somewhere else and, scared of hurting you, has chosen the option less likely to lead to a confrontation.

5) He Might be with Someone Else

He might have kept his dating options opened, but finally settled on someone for a monogamous relationship, and that someone isn’t you.

6) He is Emotionally Immature

It’s also possible he’s an emotionally immature man and not willing to go deep with you or anyone else.

7) He Doesn’t Want to Commit to You

Men know what they want in a woman and most will know as quickly as a month into the relationship if they want something deep with you.

This doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough, it just means he wants something else.

8) He’s Going Through Personal Stuff

He might also be ghosting you because he’s going through personal stuff and has become a little overwhelmed.

Since men can’t successfully compartmentalize things the way we women can, he might have pulled back a little to get a better grip on the situation

9) He Got What He Wanted

If he was only in the relationship to get physical, then he will ghost you once this desire’s been met.

10)You Said Something

To be fair to men, not all cases of ghosting occur because the men are immature or scared of commitment. A few will happen, either because of what you said or did.

Now, this might not have been something bad, however, in his eyes, it was enough to push him away.

It might have been something you said that he interpreted as you becoming too committed, too soon or something innocent you did that’s on his list of deal-breakers.


Whatever the reasons, nine times out of ten, a man’s reasons for ghosting you are about him – he’s not quite ready to give you what you want or still wants to test the waters.

So, if you are being ghosted or have been in time past, know that the relationship was never meant to be and you are better off without him.

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